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Factors Affecting Absorption of Water By Plants

Two types of plant factors (internal factors) and environmental factors (external factors) both affect how plants Absorption of Water through their roots. These factors include soil factors (exogenous factors), such as soil temperature, the solubility (osmotic potential) of the soil solution, soil aeration (concentration 02 and carbon dioxide accumulation), soil water, and there are activities […]

Difference between Environment and Ecosystem

The main difference between the environment and the ecosystem is that everything that exists in the surrounding environment in which the living organism is called is the difference between the environment and the ecosystem. For example, physical force, natural force, and chemical force are the environment, while independent living systems with biological components and their […]

Comparative Embryology & Embryonic Development

Embryology is the study of fetal development from fertilization to becoming a distinct embryo or species. Comparative embryology is a comparison of fetal development across species. All embryos travel from one cell to a multicellular zygote before differentiation, which is a group of cells called raspberries and a hollow ball called the blastocyst, thus forming […]

What is Cell With a Membrane & Nucleus

The gel-like mucus that fills the space between the extracellular plasma membrane and the central nucleus is called the cytoplasm. All organelles are found in the cytoplasm. The nuclear membrane creates a special environment within the nucleus, in which the thick primary layer is called the nucleus. Cytosol The cytoplasm is divided into transparent liquid […]

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