Branches Of Physics And Their Definition

The branches of physics discipline those studies in the context of the field of physics. Physics described as a branch of science that focuses on the study of the properties that associated with matter as well as energy, along with their interactions. Physics scientists have separated the subject into various branches, and each has given the title … Read more

List of Physical Quantities, Symbols and Units

Physical quantities those which can measured. Basically two kinds of physical quantities first is Basic and 2nd is Fundamental. These quantities used to explain the physical laws. Physical quantities classified into 2 types. Physical Quantities Two common examples of physical quantities the weight of an object or the temperature. Both can measured using instruments but we also feel … Read more

Difference between potentiometer and voltmeter

The voltmeter utilized to determine the potential difference. It has a very high and limited resistance. The potentiometer, on the other hand, has a the highest and infinity resistance. Many differences between the potentiometer and voltmeter listed in the table below. Difference between potentiometer and voltmeter A potentiometer is a three terminal measuring device used to measure … Read more

Types of Motion Physics with examples class 9

Types of Motion Physics : In relation to the change in direction, there are two variables that can used to describe the change in the position. They are displacement and distance. Now the issue is what’s the difference? Talking about distance, we described as the total length covered by the movement. It can express by the magnitude. In contrast … Read more

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