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Pakistan Affairs MCQs,NTS, FPSC Test, Latest Pakistan Current Affairs MCQs 2020

Pakistan Current Affairs MCQs 2020

Universities in Pakistan and departments assign the NTS to conduct their written test for their admissions and recruitment so you can get the Online Aptitude Test Mcqs NAT, GAT Entry. NTS Testing criteria so get online preparation because here you can get the online questions and answers in the Mcqs forms. NTS is conducting various subject wise tests which consist of English, Math, General Knowledge, social study, Pak affairs and also Current Affairs MCQs. It is mandatory to get 50 marks or above 50 marks to clear the examination. Candidates who want to get high marks in Pak current affairs and other tests then visit

Pakistan Affairs MCQs,NTS, FPSC Test 2020

Test Instructions

Test Name: Current AF MCQs
Test Type: Mcqs
Total Question: 20
Total Marks: 40
Total Time: 20 Minutes

Below Box, You can do online Test in Quizzes

1. Who designed the national  flag of Pakistan?


2. Sairiki Languages is more dominantly spoken in …….?


3. Who is the National Animal of Pakistan?


4. National Trees of Pakistan is?


5. Most commonly spoken the language in the province of Punjab?


6. The national language of Pakistan?


7. Most Widely Spoken and understood the language in Pakistan?


8. National Dress of Pakistan?


9. The provincial language spoken in Sindh is…?


10. The Religious languages taught in Pakistan is ………?


11. Pakistan National Mosque is?


12. What is the symbol for Resolution of Pakistan?


13. what is the currency of Pakistan?


14. Pakistan National Anthem Lyrics where written by?


15. Pakistan National Poets Name is?


16. What is Pakistan National Bird Name?


17. Great Leader of Pakistan?


18. Who is the mother of Nation Pakistan?


19. Pakistan National Support?


20. The Nation’s Motto of Pakistan is?


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NTS Current Affairs test and its answers to prepare for the quiz. Here you will get all sorts of G.K MCQs to prepare yourself for any written exam test as well. Pakistan Affairs Mcqs, Atmosphere, events Mcqs, Current Affairs , and International Organizations. We should cover all areas of assessments. In order to score good marks visit over here to take this test.

Current Affairs MCQs

The current issues are pakistan’s multiple selection questions (MCQs) here. These MCQs are based on the present situation and the recent developments in Pakistan, as well as historical facts and geographical characteristics of Pakistan. For your FPSC, PPSC, NTS and other tests in Pakistan, try these questions and test your knowledge. Find answers to questions at the bottom of the page.

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