English MCQs

English MCQs For PPSC, PFSC, NTS Test Synonyms Words Test

English MCQs For PPSC, PFSC, NTS Test

English MCQs For PPSC Preparation for English MCQs For PPSC test is very necessary to get high marks in the exam. Synonyms are often asked in NTS and CSS exam. Synonyms MCQs with Answers are the essential part of NTS, All the CSS, FPSC, GAT General and Subject and entry test exams is must consider. So select the quiz number from below and select the right answer and click next. We are informing you that if you have to solve all the questions after finished all question the results will show at the end.

Prepare MCQ in Pakistan for pure grammar with oral expression and provide answers and detailed instructions for NTS test. You will find English mcqs nts English mcqs educators, nts English solve mcqs pdf, nts English grammar mcqs, nts English mcqs pdf download, nts English nts English pdf, nts English grammar mcqs pdf, English for answers mcqs, English mcqs test with answers. Language Proficiency MCQS 2019 and 2018. Prepare the following MCQs. You can also prepare general vocabulary MCQS, direct and indirect MCQS, active and passive MCQS, antonym MCQS, sentence correction MCQS, synonyms MCQS, analog MCQS.

Test Instructions

Test Name: English MCQs Test
Test Type: Mcqs
Total Question: 20
Total Marks: 40
Total Time: 20 Minutes

Below Box, Tick the Correct Answer and Click Next Button

1. Synonym of ARROGANT is _____________?


2. Synonym of ALERT is ____________?


3. Synonym of EMBEZZLE is ____________


4. Synonym of Vituperate is _____________?


5. Synonym of Incredulous is _____________?


6. Synonym of Enigma is _____________?


7. Synonym of CIRCUITOUS is _____________?


8. Synonym of EMACIATED is _____________?


9. Synonym of LETHARGY is _____________?


10. Synonym of DELEGATE is _____________?


11. Synonym of PRECARIOUS is _____________?


12. Synonym of PREVARICATE is _____________?


13. Synonym of EXUDE is _____________?


14. Synonym of ZEALOT is _____________?


15. Synonym of ZEST is _____________?


16. Synonym of YEARN is _____________?


17. Synonym of YELL is _____________?


18. Synonym of YOKE is _____________?


19. Synonym of VALOUR is _____________?


20. Synonym of ” Persecuter ” is _____________?


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