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English MCQs Sentence Fill in the Blanks For PPSC, FPSC, NTS Test

English MCQs Sentence Fill in the Blanks

English MCQs Sentence Fill in the Blanks 20 Questions in the Sentence below one blank space here select the correct answer and click the next button. Each sentence is given which are numbered (1), (2), (3), and (4). The most appropriate pair to fill in the blank to complete the sentence meaningfully. At the end of the last summery will display on your screen for complete answers. Same questions are given with blanks to be filled in with an appropriate word(s).

Prepare Pakistani sentences to correct MCQ for oral expression, with answers and detailed instructions for NTS test. You will find English mcqs nts English mcqs educators, nts English solve mcqs pdf, nts English grammar mcqs, nts English mcqs pdf download, nts English nts English pdf, nts English grammar mcqs pdf, English for answers mcqs, English mcqs test with answers. Language Proficiency MCQ 2020 and 2021. Prepare MCQ below, you can also use MC questions, direct and indirect MCQ, active and passive voice MC questions, pure grammatical MCQ, idioms and phrases to correct MCQ, synonyms MCQ, antonym MCQ as common vocabulary, prepare analog MCQ.

Test Instructions

Test Name: MCQs Sentence
Test Type: Mcqs
Total Question: 20
Total Marks: 40
Total Time: 20 Minutes

Below Box, Tick the Correct Answer and Click Next Button

1. Ocean currents play a _______role in setting long-term climate_________.


2. I promise to ________ you in all circumstances….?


3. It’s difficult ______ reconcile such different points of view..?


4. The speaker did not properly space out his speech, but went on _______ one point only.


5. In the test, we will _________ your work and then give you detailed feedback.


6. A speed limit is the _________ legal speed that you can travel on the road.


7. The President’s speech was so ___________ that many people were persuaded to accept the need for change.


8. There is something wonderful _______ him.


9. If she is not interested, we will __________ the proposal.?


10. The police forces have launched an operation to _______ out the kidnapped person…?


11. Some people __________ to the officer against him about his mis-deeds


12. If we go to the park, ______ you like to come too .?


13. It is certain that human beings ______ latent power of which they are only vaguely aware


14. It is already 5 o’clock. Can you _____ time to catch the bus?


15. The man __________ down the road is my brother.


16. All of us are devoted ________ one another.


17. I am very much ________ to meet you.


18. I shall look _________ the matter.


19. He is blind _________ one eye.


20. The building is not safe and must be ___________down.


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