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English MCQs Idioms And Phrases Test For PPSC, FPSC, NTS 2020

English MCQs Test For PPSC, FPSC, NTS 2020

In different entry tests. The Idioms MCQs with Answers an essential part of NTS tests, CSS and other entry test exams. Select the correct answer from below after the selection of answers click to next button for next question. English MCQs Idioms with answers only preparing its tests. Verbal Ability MCQs 2020. Prepare below MCQs in the box.

Idioms and idioms Mcqs or proverbs are very useful for verbal problems and their meanings cannot be ignored. Some proverbs / phrases and their meanings are listed below. Choose the correct meaning of the proverb.

Proverbs for English-Oral vocabulary for English vocabulary: choose the four most suitable phrases or phrases or proverbs from phrases. The proverb or idiom MCQ is very useful for verbal skills questions and important for preparing many competing parts. If you practice this section carefully, you can also use descriptive English articles. For example, in the “Extended Ideas” section, it is often seen that students must write paragraphs based on the internal meaning of idioms / phrases or proverbs.

Phrases and Phrases MCQ Questions and Answers

Below is an important list of common questions about idioms and idioms, which provide answers to exams and interviews in the form of MCQ quizzes. These samples of frequently asked questions about idioms and phrases come with the right choice of answers, and you can check them right away. Currently, we have added a total of 7 questions about idioms, idioms and proverbs that you can practice. We will add more questions and provide this question library in PDF format so you can download it now as an eBook.

Test Instructions

Test Name: English MCQs Idioms
Test Type: Mcqs
Total Question: 20
Total Marks: 40
Total Time: 20 Minutes

Below Box, Tick the Correct Answer and Click Next Button

1. “Hold one’s horse” means__________?



“Give cold shoulder” means__________?


She turned heads wherever she went. What does the idiom/phrase “turn heads” mean?

4. My friend is a couch potato. What does the idiom/phrase “couch potato” means?


5. He Was all at sea when he began his new Job.What does idiom / phrase “at sea” means __________?


6. She goes to her mother’s house off and on. What does idiom / phrase “off and on” means..?


7. “Feel blue” means _________?


8. “Fender bender” means ________ ?


9. “Go Dutch” means _______ ?


10. “Black and blue” _____________?


11. “A litmus test” means __________ ?


12. “Icing (also frosting) on the cake” means ________?


13. “when pigs fly” means ______?


14. “Raining cats and dogs” means ________…?


15. “Keep at bay” means ______________?


16. “At the drop of the hat” means____________?


17. “Your guess is as good as mine” means __________


18. “Spill the beans” ________ ?


19. “Get your goat” means ____?


20. “Drop a dime” means ________?


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