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English MCQs Grammar Test For PPSC, FPSC, NTS 2020

English MCQs Grammar

In any education field, English is extremely important to have a strong grip all over language. We are clarifying student’s concepts about the different topics of English language specially English MCQs Grammar. We have provided online quizzes below the box which include questions related to English grammars and all difference synonyms, Prepositions, Analogy, and vocabulary. The of questions English Grammar Exercise for beginners to find out how good you are at Basic English grammar with this multiple choice quiz.

The MCQs Forum brings Pakistan’s 2019 English MCQS. This section contains MCQS for English / Speaking Skills in 2019 and 2018, the latest MCQ, and answers to recent NTS, PTS, SPSC, PPSC and IBA tests. Language capabilities of NTS, PTS, FPSC, OTS, PCS, PMS, KPPSC, SPSC / English mcqs. Here you will find detailed questions and answers. MCQ in English includes phrases and sentences. Sentence Correction Synonyms Antonyms Pure grammatical active and passive phonetic direct and indirect analogies.

Since English is one of the most important disciplines in every field of education, it is extremely important to have a firm grasp of the language. To help our visitors clarify their concepts and test their knowledge on various topics in English, we provide free online tests below with questions on various topics such as synonyms, prepositions, grammar, analogy and vocabulary. 

Test Instructions

Test Name: English MCQs Test
Test Type: Mcqs
Total Question: 20
Total Marks: 40
Total Time: 20 Minutes

Below Box, Tick the Correct Answer and Click Next Button

1. While UK has earned record revenue this year, __________ well behind in exports.


2. Anna and Tania went shopping, but __________ couldn’t find anything __________ liked.


3. Nuclear energy is __________ dangerous to be used widely.


4. If I have money, I __________ it tomorrow.


5. Cannon had __________ unique qualities _________ it was used widely in ancient times.


6. She succeeded by __________ hard.


7. Katherine made her children __________ chores on Sunday.


8. I enjoy __________ tennis.


9. Most of the guests arrived __________ buses.


10. The departmental store is open __________ eight to seven.


11. On leaving the shopping plaza, Kate was robbed __________ purse.


12. If I had money, I __________ it now.


13. The man __________ you met is an anchorperson.


14. The woman __________ is standing by the table works in electronic media.


15. He is looking for accommodation __________ in flat or shared house.


16.  You can go neither by train __________ by bus.


17. Before designing a public park, the architect must __________ the public.


18. When she was younger, she __________ five kilometers a day.


19. The house is large __________ is quite old-fashioned.


20. We need to find __________ method to solve this problem.


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