English MCQs

English MCQs Active Voice and Passive Voice Online Test

English MCQs Active Voice and Passive Voice

English MCQs Test The set comprises of Active to Passive voice English MCQs Test is an important role in NTS. Please select the quiz number from below and start preparation. Please note that you have to solve 20 questions in order to see the answers at the end of Test. Active voice and passive voice MCQs. Which are multiple choice questions with answers below the box? Those students who Study to learn active and passive voice quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions from this page.

Since English is one of the most important disciplines in every field of education, it is extremely important to have a firm grasp of the language. To help our visitors clarify their concepts and test their knowledge on various topics in English, we provide free online tests below with questions on various topics such as synonyms, prepositions, grammar, analogy and vocabulary. 

Test Instructions

Test Name: MCQs
Test Type: Mcqs
Total Question: 20
Total Marks: 40
Total Time: 20 Minutes

Below Box, Tick the Correct Answer and Click Next Button

1. ” The baby has lost her doll”?


2. She will build this house” ?


3. They broke up the table for firewood” is _____________________?


4.  She has completed two courses”.


5. Movies are not watched by him”.


6. Indiscipline should not be encouraged by us”.


7. They held a meeting very early”.


8. This house is used very rarely by us”.


9. The box can contain no more”.


10. He was being chased by the dogs”?


11. The teacher may punish you”.


12. Sajid gave the beggar an old shirt”.


13. Has someone made all the necessary arrangements?”


14. “The boy has rung the bell”.


15. Someone pulled the bull violently”.


16. The people elected him Mayor”.


17. People speak English all over the world”.


18.  Sana is washing her clothes” is _______________________


19. The boy did not break the glass” is __________________…?


20. I saw him leaving the house” is _________________.


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