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NTS General Knowledge MCQs With Answers 1

General Knowledge Test No (1)

NTS general knowledge MCQs test and its answers to prepare for the quiz. Here you will get all sorts of G.K MCQs to prepare yourself for any written exam test as well. Pakistan Affairs Mcqs, Atmosphere, events Mcqs, Current Affairs Mcqs, and International Organizations. We should cover all areas of assessments. In order to score good marks visit over here to take this test.

NTS General Knowledge MCQs Online Test

Test Instructions

Test Name: General Knowledge MCQs
Test Type: Mcqs
Total Question: 30
Total Marks: 60
Total Time: 30 Minutes

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1. What country first used pepper?


2. What company pioneered floppy discs?


3. Who was the first scientist to win 2 Nobel science prizes?


4. Which of the following countries is the largest supplier of meat?


5. Who was the world’s first female Prime Minister?


6. Which country has a longest coastal line?


7. Which is the longest river in the World?


8. Who was the first African- American Woman In Space?


9. In which country were modern banknotes first used?


10. The oldest written constitution of government in effect which is in what country?


11. In which country was the first oil well drilled in 1859?


12. In What city was the World’s first blood bank opened 1940?


13. What is the largest Muslim country in the world by Population according to Survey of 2013?


14. Name the country shares 16 borders with other states?


15. What country declared itself first atheist state in 1967?


16. Who was the first woman to win a Nobel Prizes in two different categories?


17. Which was the first country to leave the united nations?


18. Which type of Strom is the most severe storm?


19. In which country is the driest place on earth situated?


20. Which country was the first to make seat belts compulsory for a journey?


21. The Oldest Written Plan of Government in Effect is in what Country?


22. Who was the pioneer of the world’s first blood bank?


23. Who was the first woman to become a cosmonaut?


24. Which is the Continuously World’s Oldest Democary ?


25. Who was the first black woman elected to U.S Congress?


26. What was the first country to recognize the us as  independent?


27. Which is the largest country in the world according to the area?


28. Which two countries share longest frontier (16416 km) in the world?


29. Which is the World’s oldest Democracy?


30. Who was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize?


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