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General Knowledge Test No (3)

NTS general knowledge MCQs test and its answers to prepare for the quiz. Here you will get all sorts of G.K MCQs to prepare yourself for any written exam test as well. Pakistan Affairs Mcqs, Atmosphere, events Mcqs, Current Affairs Mcqs, and International Organizations. We should cover all areas of assessments. In order to score good marks visit over here to take this test.

NTS General Knowledge MCQs Online Test

Test Instructions

Test Name: General Knowledge MCQs
Test Type: Mcqs
Total Question: 20
Total Marks: 40
Total Time: 20 Minutes

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1. From which country was Roald Amundsen the person who completed the maiden voyage to the South Pole?


2. What Country suffered the worst two earthquakes in history, killing 830,00 in 1556 and 750,000 in 1976?


3. Who was the first person to swim the English Channel?


4. What is the highest mountain peak in the world?


5. Where was the lowest temperature on Earth recorded?


6. Where was the highest temperature on Earth recorded?


7. Largest Railway Station name in the World?


8. What was the first name of the first cloned animal?


9. The largest anti-war rally was against which war of the following?


10. Where is the deepest point in the Earth’s crust?


11. Who was the first private space tourist?


12. Who was the first bling men to climb Mt Everest successfully?


13. What is the largest lake in the world?


14. What is the largest country in the world in term of area?


15. Which of these countries has more official languages than the other three?


16. What is the largest continent in terms of area in the world?


17. How high is the world’s highest waterfall Angel Falls?


18. What computer virus holds the record for being the most widespread?


19. Who provided proof to suggest that the earth was spherical?


20. Which software firm is the second largest in the world after Microsoft?


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