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General Knowledge Test No (4)

Here you will get all sorts of G.K MCQs to prepare yourself for any written exam test as well. Pakistan Affairs Mcqs, Atmosphere, events Mcqs, Current Affairs Mcqs, and International Organizations. We should cover all areas of assessments. In order to score good marks visit over here to take this test.NTS general knowledge MCQs test and its answers to prepare for the quiz

NTS General Knowledge MCQs Online Test

Test Instructions

Test Name: General Knowledge MCQs
Test Type: Mcqs
Total Question: 20
Total Marks: 40
Total Time: 20 Minutes

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1. The exact time taken by the earth for single rotation on its own axis is?


2. Which planet looks reddish in the night sky?


3. Which of the following is the largest of the inner planets?


4. The hottest planet is


5. The nearest planet to the sun is?


6. Which of the following planet of the solar system has the longest day?


7. Which planet of the solar system spins in its axis at the fastest rate?


8. The planet having 13 moon is


9. On Which of the following planet of the solar system does the sun rise in the west and set in the east?


10. Which of the planet is nearest to the earth?


11. The planet Mercury is difficult to be observed most of the time because


12. Which one of the following planets takes the same number of days for rotation and revolution?


13. Which of the following is the brightest planet?


14. Which planet is known as the watery planet?


15. The correct sequence of planets in the descending order of their equatorial diameter is?


16. Is Jupiter larger then the Earth by about?


17. Which two planets of the solar system have no satellites?


18. Which planet is known as the earth’s twin?


19. Comets revolve around


20. Which of the following planets id known as “Morning Star”?


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