Hec Law Gat Test Schedule 2021 Test Date


The authorities have published the “Hec Law Gat Test Schedule”, so all candidates who wish to take the legal GAT examination can start practicing in court according to the given schedule. According to the new rules and regulations of the Pakistan Bar Association (PBC), if every candidate who wishes to complete a bachelor’s degree in law wants HEC to start his lawyer’s practice, he must take an examination of the law. When you pass or pass the Law Gat test, you become a member of the Bar Council and you can start practicing. The authorities delegate all the responsibility for the Law Graduate Assessment Examination (LAW GAT) to the National Examination Service. Therefore, now HEC conducts three tests every year, that is, candidates have three chances to pass the test in a year because the first test will be held in January and then in September.

HEC Law GAT Graduate Assessment test 2021 Online

Hec Law Gat Test Schedule

All candidates who have obtained the Bachelor of Laws (final year) exam from any university recognized by the Pakistan Bar Association are eligible to take the Law GAT Test. The pass rate of the Law Graduate Assessment Examination (LAW GAT) is 100 points, with a maximum score of 50%. Therefore, candidates with a 50-point test score have passed the test. On the other hand, all candidates waiting for their scores are not eligible to take the exam.

Hec Law Gat Test Schedule Download 2021

HEC Law Graduate Assessment Test Registration 2021

All candidates have 3 chances to pass the HEC LAW GAT Test exam in a year, so if you have obtained a Bachelor of Laws degree from an accredited institution, please get the HEC LAW GAT exam Test Schedule from this page and according to the date provided These dates for responding have been officially announced, so there is no doubt that the data and data are authenticated.

Law Graduate Assessment Test (Law-Gat) 2021

The HEC of the Higher Education Commission will hold the 2021 Law GAT exam. To this end, they announced the registration date for law graduates. Like ECAT and MCAT, the Law-GAT exam is mandatory for LLB students to obtain admission to the legal field. Applicants can visit the official website of HEC and submit an application form. The final date to apply for the postgraduate legal assessment test is June 30, 2021. The LAW GAT exam consists of multiple-choice questions (MCQ). Candidates applying through the HEC website.

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