Jobs in Pakistan – Current Scenario of Pakistan Job Market

Jobs in Pakistan is working hard to respond to its labor market and create unprecedented jobs. Country accidents and government policies are always different, which seriously affects the labor market.

Factors affecting the labor market:

The deteriorating security situation across the country has forced investors to sell their investments. News of the bomb explosion and the growing threat of explosions in different cities have put investors and corporate growth activities on the sidelines. It will seriously affect the labor market in Pakistan jobs.
Dumping the energy burden is a worrying economy, especially in the industrial sector, because it is one of the largest sectors of the Pakistani economy jobs. The department must employ a large amount of labor. But due to power outages, existing industries are deteriorating, leading to widespread unemployment. Due to the limited availability and high proportion of basic input resources such as electricity, natural gas, and oil, many industries have been closed and many industries are prepared to close. This uncertain power cut limits the country’s future business expansion plans and has an irreplaceable impact on the Pakistani labor jobs market.
The current international financial crisis is also one of the biggest causes of unemployment in Pakistan and the world. The crisis arose in the banking sector in the US, UK, and some European countries and is now a global phenomenon.

Factors leading to the labor market:

With the current unfavorable market situation, job seekers are looking for new ways of hiring, and companies are making every effort to reduce production costs, opening the door to outsourcing and offshore business opportunities, a decade ago. Buzz words, but unfortunately, we cannot fail to grasp the opportunities available to us.
Recent global developments have made the Internet a market where entrepreneurs can work from home and earn extra money safely. There are many independent freelance jobs resources who want to sell their time and skills in the global market. The home office business in Pakistan is booming and a new employment trend is expected in the country.

Pakistan’s Current Economy and Job Market – Challenges and Suggestions.

Pakistan is the twenty-seventh largest economy in the world and has been in a difficult period in recent years. Since 2015, more than 15% of GDP triumph ended. Pakistan’s economy has been affected by corruption, corruption, and power outages for a long time.

Factors affecting growth:

There is no single factor in this disaster, but many problems seem to be “intertwined” with Pakistan’s fragile economy. If one can identify the toughest challenges, Pakistan will undoubtedly face a crisis of strength today. There is no fuel for power plants, no money to be paid to GENCOS, and most importantly, there is no clear policy or serious attitude to solve this problem.

Terrorism is also one of the main factors affecting foreign investment and thus affecting overall economic growth. The victims of these factors are the labor market.

Pakistan has one of the fastest-growing youth in the world. About 2 million people enter the labor market every year waiting online jobs in pakistan, and the current GDP growth rate is not enough to provide them with online jobs in pakistan. The situation was further aggravated by the fact that the unemployed quickly fell on the poverty line, increasing crime and a hotbed of terrorism.


The following recommendations, if implemented, will help to start the economy quickly and increase employment in the new labor market.

Effective tax system:

Unlike developed and even emerging economies, Pakistan’s tax-to-GDP ratio is not encouraging. About 10% of GDP is the lowest in Asia. Effective policies should be developed and implemented to expand net taxes and encourage direct rather than indirect taxes to increase the tax-to-GDP ratio without increasing the current tax.

Effective implementation of energy policy

The government lacks seriousness because there is no energy policy in countries with a population of 190 million. Sincere and serious efforts should be made to develop a strategy to deal with this issue. Undoubtedly, the contributions of stakeholders (industries, commercial organizations, energy organizations, etc.) should be sought.

Diversification of the labor market Jobs in Pakistan.

Pakistan should not only focus on energy /Online jobs/ resource-intensive industries (large manufacturing, textiles, etc.), but should explore opportunities in today’s world where the knowledge economy is flourishing. In addition to attracting foreign investment, the knowledge industry (BPO, software companies, IT service providers, etc.) can provide much needed employment opportunities for young people to enter the labor market. Revenue from IT / software export brings additional benefits to the economy.

India is one such example. In 2012 alone, IT and IITE exports reached $ 70 billion, India will lead the world in knowledge export markets.

Improving law and order:

The issue of terrorism must be given priority. In today’s globalized world, no foreign investment can be made and no economy can survive. The overall security situation must be friendly to investors in order to make new investments to generate economic activity and create new jobs.

Career in Biotechnology in Pakistan.

Unlike ordinary people, biotechnology is not only about wearing white lab coats to work in the lab, but also preparing drugs to improve the quality of life. The field is very diverse, from sales and marketing to research and development to manufacturing and quality management of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, with a variety of career options.

Biotechnology combines technology and biological sciences such as agriculture, food science, waste management, medicine and mining, although biotechnology has existed since ancient times, but the first progress in food science was around 5000 BC. A large number of different species of plants and animals are crossed to produce a greater diversity of species.

Biotechnology was used to create new biodegradable materials, transfer certain genes from one organism to another, maintain and grow genetically organized plant and animal cell cultures, and fusion of different cell types. Producing new medicinal products such as monoclonal antibodies. Taking into account the importance of biotechnology jobs in Pakistan, a separate entity, called the National Biotechnology Commission, was launched, which initiated several projects in various areas of biotechnology (mainly in the health and agriculture sectors).

Some of the many educational institutions in Pakistan offering biotechnology degree programs are:

Department of Biotechnology, University of Karachi
Faisalabad National Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (NIBGE)
Laval Bindi, Department of Biochemistry, Arid Agricultural University
Punjab University College of Biological Sciences
Department of Biotechnology, Peshawar University
Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, Northwest Frontier Agricultural University, Peshawar
The recent boom in information technology has paved the way for biotechnology, and there is now much room for biotechnology experts in Pakistan.

Admission to the Degree Program:

Students who wish to join the biotechnology degree program after a mid-level course must complete a high school diploma in pre-medical, engineering or computer science.

Biotechnology work in Pakistan:

The combination of computer science and biology, known as bioinformatics, creates opportunities for people in biotechnology. Many of our degree holders now work either in private companies or in research institutions.

Medical technology, environment, agriculture, and food technology are a wide range of fields in biotechnology. Biotechnology jobs can be seen regularly in the Pakistan National Newspaper. For those who want to work in biotechnology, they should be aware of the differences between biotechnology and biomedical engineering.

Biomedical engineering deals with the application of engineering principles, while biotechnology deals with biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology and biophysics.

Pakistan has a separate Biomedical Engineering Institute. of between it

Ned Engineering University
Sir Shade University of Engineering and Technology
In private companies, our biotechnology employees enjoy a wide range of work and their salaries are reasonable.

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