Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad Admission 2020 Download Form

Quaid i Azam University The University of the great leader, has now opened up acceptance of all programs. The University of Quaid-Elzam offers degrees in these specialties/faculties; Faculty of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences, medicine (affiliated). Qualified and interested candidates are encouraged to submit their applications here. Acceptance will be granted based on merit. Quaid i Azam University is the highest listed university in Pakistan, and also the name in the world categories.

Applications are invited from applicants having at least one degree, or a second-degree certificate recognized. It is recommended that you submit a form before the deadline because, after the last date, no candidate will be accepted. In July 1967, the University of the Great Leader (on behalf of the University of Islamabad) was established under the National Assembly Act and began teaching and research programs to obtain a doctorate and Master’s degree in philosophy.

However, I gradually decided later to introduce Masters, graduates, and now bachelor programs in Quaid i Azam University. The university attracts many international students, although it offers acceptance to many students from all regions of the country because it is a federal public sector university.

Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad Admission 2020 Download Form

Quaid i Azam University

Master’s programme: 28-08-2020

Undergraduate Programme: 19-09-2020

Display Marit List: NIL

Important Instructions:

  1. In the case of inaccurate/misleading information or concealment of the facts, the university has the right to refuse/revoke the acceptance and expel the applicant (student) from the university.
  2. Accepted students will have to submit all the original immigration certificates from the institution that is a last required within 15 days from the date of acceptance.
  3. To avoid any inconvenience, please attach all the required documents to the approval forms at the time/interval specified. However, the last date of submission of copyleft documents such as cards resulting from Bachelor of science/accommodation, etc., along with the required fees of up to Rs 1000/-is 03-09-2020.
  4. The data of all applicants are available on the UNU website in 31-08-2020; will be updated on 03-09-2020.
  5. Please call ph 051-90643265 to correct errors/errors in the data, if any, on 03-09-2020 at the latest.
  6. Acceptance forms sent from the Mail/courier/Special committees must arrive at the university in 28-08-2020 or earlier.
  7. The form will be received or entertained after the due date in any case.
  8. Office of the Assistant Registrar (admission) in the background (DRSM), library, Qau will remain open to receive the remains
  9. Documents from Monday to Friday.
  10. No separate message or phone call may contact for selection; Applicants were fro getting more updates to visit the Qau site.

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