Start Dairy Farm Business in Pakistan Tips and Guide

The livestock also plays a vital role in the national economy of Pakistan. This change of milk into the item is practicable just on the off chance that it is financially practical. Livestock Production is no doubt the integral part of Pakistan’s agriculture sector. There are 28 dairy farm in Pakistan in order to promote processed milk. We are also going to discuss the leasing aspects and activities related to production and rising of dairy animals. The ghee from buffalo milk is white whereas the ghee from a cow is yellow. Dahi or curd is also another popular dairy product and Khoya is also a popular sweet.

Through the dairy farm for the sake of eventual sale of dairy products is known as Dairy Farming.suggest you find those people too. Actual dairy farmers who have done what you’re trying to do. In my case, it was harder to find such people. Cows feed on a number of plants: grass, corn or grain, among others. You can buy these feeds from third-party farmers or, better yet, you can choose to grow them right next to your dairy farm. You can save up that way, and you can also make another business.

Dairy Farm

Starting Dairy Farm in Pakistan:

  • First of all, Pakistan has been facing a population explosion for many years. So for your cattle, you have to select a separate land depending upon the number of animals you want to raise.
  • While selecting a location of your land you must keep in your mind the temperature, hygienic conditions
  • Build small sections for depending upon the types of animals you want on your farm. In addition to it build a small room for yourself too.
  • If you are starting your farm for increasing your income then work in ascending order i-e start from a small number of animals and avoid big expenditures.
  • Purchase a land that is at some distance from the population.
  • Cultivate your land before buying your desired animals.
  • Arrange proper sewerage system so that the drinking water may not mix with the sewerage waste.
  • Take good care of the nutrition of your animal.
  • While starting your farm keep a contact with the veterinary doctor. And plan monthly visits for your animals.
  • You should buy healthy animals and to maintain their health you have to keep good care of them.

So the proposed business can be begun before the beginning of summer milk season. At the initiation of the proposed business, it is imperative that the business person must have great information about the creation and have contacts with the animals reproducers and ranchers.

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