Auqaf Merit Scholarship 2024 Last Date

Auqaf Merit Scholarship 2024 Last Date to Apply check here. Auqaf Merit Scholarship 2024 Students of KP Minorities province will award AUQAF Hajj and religious affairs scholarships. They will able to continue their studies by obtaining AUQAF scholarships 2024. The students from Deeni Madaris will receive this scholarship. Madaris students from KPK can eligible for scholarship. You can find more details about AUQAF scholarships 2024, including applications, application forms, eligibility requirements and the closing date for applying.

Auqaf Merit Scholarship

Auqaf Merit Scholarship 2024 Students of KP Minorities

AUQAF can accept application through online registration for the scholarship program. Anyone who is members of Madaris is able to submit applications on behalf of their pupils. 40 percent of students in a class will receive an Auqaf-sponsored scholarship. They can easily manage their education costs.

Auqaf Scholarship 2024 Last Date To Apply

The Auqaf Scholarship managed by the Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs. Minority students are eligible for Auqaf scholarship. They can apply for their own allocation in applying online. Males and females can apply for the Auqaf scholarship department of KPK.

Eligibility Criteria of Auqaf Scholarship 2024

Students must have 60% marks in their final class. Newly-merged districts of KPK students qualify in this award. The students who are regular at Deeni Madaris can submit applications for Auqaf Scholarship. The students who selected for scholarship get monthly stipends through Auqaf department of KPK.

Benefits of Auqaf Scholarship 2024

Students from those Madaris can apply for apply for the Auqaf Scholarships 2024. The students from missionary schools are eligible to apply for the Auqaf scholarship 2024. In KPK, the government has allocated a budget for endowment scholarships. Students who selected will receive aid in the form of financial assistance through the scholarship. The scholarship will cover the expenses for Madaris students. Many students have already received awards from the Ministry of Auqaf, to continue their studies.

All applicants must fill out an online application for the Auqaf Scholarships at You need to submit the application form and other educational documents to headmaster of Madaris. Anyone interested to apply should visit the official website of Auqaf and Religious & Minority Affairs Department.

Auqaf Merit Scholarship 2024 For Minority Students

Auqaf have announced scholarships for deserving and needy minority students pursuing their studies in madrasas at graduate, middle and post-graduate stages. We inform you that Auqaf announced merit-based scholarships for minorities in college. KPK Department of Auqaf Hajj Religious has accepted applications for award from students of religious schools.

Female and male candidates who interested to apply in scholarship for spirituality 2024 apply online through this site. Students who are the residence in KPK and the merged district are eligible to receive many benefit scholarship in 2022. College students belonging to minorities in KPK can apply for the scholarship.

How To Apply For Deeni Madaris Scholarship 2024

Auqaf offers 1200 scholarships to students from the Deeni Madaris students. Female and male applicants need to be in a recognized Madaris. Students who meet the qualifications required submit online application form for the Auqaf through this site.

1.Al-AamaView List
2.Al-KhasaView List
3.Shahadatul-AliaView List
4.Shahadatul-AlmiaView List
5.Takhasus-Fil-QuranView List
6.Takhasus-Fil-HadeesView List
7.Takhasus-Fil-LughatView List
8.Takhasus-Fil-NahoView List
9.Takhasus-Fil-SarfView List
10.Takhasus-Fil-FiqahView List

Students who have passed Intermediate, Graduate and Post Graduate level programs are eligible. Candidates can submit their applications online at the website of Auqaf for the scholarship. You need to submit attested copies of educational documents and passport size photographs along with B form on the official website.

Auqaf Scholarship Required Documents

Male and female candidates are eligible if they have completed an infant exam at KPK. You can see the Auqaf Scholarship chosen candidates Merit List here. You can read all details about Department of KPK Awqaf Hajj Religious and Minority Affairs Scholarship 2024 in this article.

This page will determine the exam schedule, and the final merit list. Candidates are required to join all valid documents using the online send utility shape and two passport-sized photos of ID cards that are home. The design is student ID cards that are that are issued through Madrasa.

Auqaf Hajj Religious & Minority Affairs Scholarship 2024

The regular students of college can apply for auqaf scheme here. The deadline for obtaining the KPK award is June 03/06/2024. The candidates must belong to one of KPK minorities. The recommendation is that the leaders of the Madrasa should be present with the applicants.

Applications are open to ability who interested to get Auqaf Merit Scholarship 2024. Auqaf Hajj Scholarship for Religious & Minority Affairs Scholarship 2024 under the study eligibility requirements and the method to fill out the form. Click here to go under. The scholarship is only available to regular college students of the Intermediate, Graduate and Post Graduate levels.

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