Aziz Fatimah Medical College Merit List 2023 Check Online

Aziz Fatimah Medical College Merit List 2023 for MBBS and BDS to be admitted in 2023. AFMDC Merit list get from this page to check the online. The college’s management is thrilled to announce the admission process to MBBS in the 2023 sessions. Be aware that all admissions will be done in accordance to guidelines of the National Merit of Pakistan Medical Commission and the merit list is strictly followed.

Aziz Fatimah Medical College Merit List 2023 provides the most up-to-date AFMDC merit list for, BDS, MBBS BSc, BS, MS, and DPT BS Nursing. It is highly recommended that you check this page frequently to find the most current information. AFMDC Faisalabad merit list 2023 of MBBS can be viewed and download from this page.

Aziz Fatimah Medical College Merit List 2023 Download PDF

Aziz Fatimah Medical College Merit List

We are pleased to confirm that the waiting period is now over. The merit list was published on the official site of the AFMDC ( In order to assist students, we’ve given the direct link where they can access the merit list while at home. You can search for AFMDC Merit List and MBBS or BDS merit list has been made public by PMC.

AFMDC DPT Merit List 2023

AFMDC Merit List 2023 is now public, and we would like to inform those who have been seeking the list for a long time that they can check the names of candidates listed on this merit list. Therefore you don’t have to waste time you can check your name on the list, and contact the administration of the college to obtain the fee schedule and the deadline for payment in time.

AFMDC MBBS Merit List 2023

Candidates for MBBS and BDS are able to view both merit lists in accordance with these guidelines from PMC the merit lists are published in accordance with the colleges. The last merit lists are scheduled to be published by PMC in the near future on this site. Medical College’s Merit List for 2023 MBBS, BDS, Pharm D Nursing PhBSc DPT BS Nursing, BS, MS and other graduate and undergraduate programs.

AFMDC BDS Merit List 2023

1.Final Provisional Merit ListDownload
2.Second Provisional Merit ListDownload
3.Third Merit ListDownload
4.All Classes Merit ListDownload

Admissions are determined by National Merit as determined by the PMC, with strict adherence to the ranking.  Aziz Fatima Hospital has been operating as emergency medical clinic for the needs of clinical understudies, in collaboration with AFMDC. It is a member of the PMC and is associated with and the University of Health Sciences Lahore.

Aziz Fatima Medical and Dental College Merit List 2023

Three huge lodgings, equipped that offer al the amenities, including a boarding house for male and female students, for about 600 students. The lodgings are near the campus. Security staff is available throughout the day, all year round. It is crucial to be aware that admission procedures are determined by merit.

AFMDC Admission Merit Lists 2023

AFMDC Merit Lists MBBS and BDS for admission 2023 Batch 11th may be downloaded online from this page. Candidates who have taken the PMC MDCAT entrance exam and are waiting for the merit list deadline. Aziz Fatimah Medical and Dental College AFMDC merit lists are 1st, 2nd and 3rd and the final merit lists will be released by PMC soon here on this website.

Aziz Fatimah Medical College Fee Structure 2023

It is important to note that admissions are contingent on merit, in accordance with the merit criteria established in the College and in line with the rules and regulations of the specific Medical College.Furthermore, all understudies selected according to the PMC’s National Merit List for AFMDC are invited to visit the college along with their parents.

Aziz Fatimah Medical College Admission 2023 Last Date

Acceptance to MBBA or BDS courses offered by accredited Pakistan Medical Commission schools requires an impression of 60. AF Hospital is allied with AFMDC as a education clinic to facilitate the clinical activities of students attending medical faculties. AFMDC) is a program under the Aziz Fatimah Trust. AFMDC recognized with the UOHS Lahore.

Aziz Fatima Medical Dental College Faisalabad Merit List 2023

Three large hostels with everything you need including a boarding houses that can hold up to 600 students. They are situated near the college’s campus. Security guards are on hand all day. AFMDC Faisalabad is an accredited medical school that is private and accredited. The college is part of the Aziz Fatima Trust. AFMDC is located in Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan.

Aziz Fatima Medical College Merit List 2023 MBBS

AFMDC is registered at The PMDC and AFMDC is part of Sitara Group of Industries. The annual admissions quota for MBBS includes 100 spots, that is supplied by PMDC. It was utilized for the most current informs concerning AFMC Merit Lists MBBS, BDS, PhBSc , BS Nursing, BS, MS and other postgraduate and undergraduate programmers.

Aziz Fatima Medical College Final Merit list 2023

The college is placed 19th among the top medical colleges accepted by PM&DC and the Ministry of National Regulation and Services in December 2012 under the umbrella of the Pakistan People’s Party. There are facilities for sports including accommodation (boys as well as girls) and a Cafeteria (for the faculty and students) and an auditorium mosque, and other.

AFMDC Merit list 2023

All labs and museums are equipped with the latest technology. Aziz Fatima Hospital has been in operation as a medical clinic to provide instruction in order to support the teaching of medical students who have AFMDC. It is affiliated with the PMC and is itemized with the UHS Lahore. Merit List 2023

Three large modern amenities like an boarding house for ladies and males for around 600 students. They are situated close to the campus of the college. Security guards are in place all day. Candidates must earn 60% marks to be accepted MBBA as well as BDS in medical and dental colleges. They are supervised with Pakistan Medical Commission.

Aziz Fatimah Medical College Merit List 2023 Online

AFMDC merit list of first, second third and last merit list will be announced on the website of PMC within the next few days. You can find the merit lists on this page. Furthermore, all students who have been selected as per AFMDC’s National Merit lists for AFMDC are invited to visit the college with their guardians or parents to complete the admission application and also deposit their money in the case of merit.

Aziz Fatimah Medical College Admission 2023 MBBS lasts Date

Additionally, all students who are selected according to the National Merit List by the PMC for AFMDC on merit are invited to join the college along with their guardians or parents to complete the admission application along with the deposit fee should they be worthy in order to gain admission. AFMDC Admission merit list, waiting list self-financing merit list, reserve seats merit lists, and the list of of applicants will be posted via this website.

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