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EOBI Registration 2023 – Employee Old Age Benefits Institutions helps to improve the lives of retired employees in Pakistan. It EOBI is a program exclusively for Public employees of Pakistan. It’s a form of life insurance and security plan for old age. It is a form of security for older people. Pakistan has simplified the procedure to EOIB registration and also introduced an online registration system. Check your EOBI status now so that you are eligible for pension. In the course of service, the Govt. receives a tiny portion of the salary and pays it following the pension of the employee. This program has various goals and advantages for public employees.

EOBI Registration 2023

Even though the public sector offered diverse benefits to employees, like medical insurance EOBI wasn’t as often in the spotlight. In light of recent developments across the entire nation, a range of significant reforms have implemented across all sectors. EOBI Register Online for 2022 EOBI Employer for the elderly Benefit Foundation is profoundly dependent on the MOP.

How can I check my EOBI Registration?

EOBI Registration

EOBI registration online

The fund can receive a part of the salary paid to aid those who are in need throughout the period after retirement. Let’s examine the manner in which EOBI fund works as well as how you can check EOBI check online. The article below will explain the procedure for the application process to EOBI pension 2022. To be able to apply, here are the steps you must take in completing the procedure for registration to apply for EOBI 2023.

EOBI Registered Employer

The registration process is straightforward and online. It’s also absolutely free. First, visit the official site of EOBI and click on the register button and fill in the required information. If you wish to verify the status of your EOBI card, then type in your EOBI number, new number of NIC and the old number. We are happy to inform people via this statement that the entire list of prospective pensioners is now available on the EOBI website: www.eobi.gov.pk.

EOBI Card Status Check

In this program, an employee must contribute to a certain percentage of their monthly earnings in the duration of their employment. Don’t worry as we’ll explain to you how you can log into your account online, and access the information regarding your employee’s pension , and whether you’d like to apply or join the program. Go to www.eobi.gov.pk to make an application online to register. With the advancement of technological advancements, government has begun providing online services for EOBI.

How to Check EOBI Number

The main goal of the government is to make open and fair the procedure for EOBI registration. There’s no need to worry about it, as we’ll guide you how to log into your account online, and look up the pension information of your employee, and in the event that you want to join or apply to this pension plan.

EOBI Registered Employer 2023

You are aware that this program has been a social or insurance security like scheme that has announced in 1976. The Pakistani parliament in Pakistan launched that it would be launching EOBI in the administration which can headed by Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. EOBI has assured the member that the money they earn is safe and may be used at any time as they years. Any person who is not able to complete their work because of injury or illness receives an annuity.

Guidelines EOBI Registration Online 2023

The government decides on the percentage of employees and pays the money at an older age as a pension on their retirement. You can now be aware of how to claim pension benefits through EOBI. If you can employed by EOBI the company can also enroll for a certain period of time until he leaves the position and is able to join a new company.


EOBI is accessible online and simple to access for all. Dear candidates, we’ve specific and accurate information about how to complete the EOBI Registration 2023 check through CNIC. For more information you can contact us via the comment section. Ask us questions and we will solve your problems about registration quickly.

EOBI Insured Person Detail 2023

Check the details about the EOBI here and also see the confirmation of registration form. When the details can listed on the list, the applicant must submit their application for pension along with the required documentation to the office of regional of EOBI and send a copy of your application directly to the Director General’s office (Operations) 3rd Floor.

EOBI Card Status Check by CNIC 2023

In this program, employees who are registered are required to pay a part of their wages for the course of their employment. The government determines the amount per employee. it to pay an income at retirement. If an individual enrolled in EOBI and continues to enroll for a time until the time he decides to quit the company and establishes with a new business. There is a possibility to search for the names of pensioners who want to retire from the database.

www.eobi.gov.pk Registration 2023

Your company or industry must be EOBI registered entity so you can get the registration speedily. If your company’s proprietor or organization registered with EOBI then you’ll have to pay the monthly deduction fee by yourself. The benefits granted when you reach sixty, and after 15 to 20 years of administration, and for the employee who is unable to be employed because of injury or illness in certain instances the Annuity.

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