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The Online FBR Lucky Draw Result 2024 is available here. FBR registered many superstores, shops, and departmental stores in Islamabad, Pakistan. FBR Lucky Draw is open to all customers of these shops, stores, and retailers. It takes place twice per month. FBR can offer prizes to them. Each month, FBPR holds a lucky draw to select the winners. FBR Lucky Draw participants have one original rupee price to be eligible.

FBR Lucky Draw Result 2024 Winners List PDF

FBR launched a Lucky Draw scheme. The FBR Lucky draw scheme has attracted many people from Pakistan to win cash prizes. The first prize is worth 10 Lucky and will award to the winners. FBR will conduct the first lottery/balloting on 15 January 2024. FBR announces prizes for purchases of anything from the Superstores/Shops/Retailers/Superstores associated with the FBR POS System. In February, 38 million bills have issued by Tier-1 retailers that integrated into FBR POS System.

How to Check FBR Lucky Draw Result November 2024

This compares to 37 million issued in January 2024. FBR holds a lucky live draw. To view the FBR Lucky Draw November list, visit www.fbr.gov.pk; to purchase, customers, need to save their invoices. Customers will need to verify the invoice serial numbers. The Federal Board of Revenue offers valuable prizes and assists the government in collecting taxes. FBR POS Scheme: You can win 10 00000 Rupees every month by joining the Federal Board of Revenue.

FBR Lucky Draw Result 2024

FBR Lucky Draw Result 2024

FBR Lucky Draw’s first winners will receive 10 000/- rupees. Each month the FBR will award prize Money to 1007 lucky winners. The FBR announced a Prize Scheme for POS Shoppers and Retailers. FBR/POS-registered shops, retailers, food points, and Autos can purchase from them. These names are included in the FBR Lucky Draw winners.

How Can I Participate in FBR Lucky Draw in Pakistan?

FBR Lucky Draw winners will receive a telephone call. Participation in the FBR Lucky Draw is possible if you have a sample of this information. Only buy items/products at POS shops. Retailers will only send original printed POS invoices. The INV-Invoice Number and send it to 9966. Participants will notify via SMS of the confirmation number. FBR will register your name for the next Lucky Draw. Officials have launched a campaign to spread awareness about the Lucky Draw Scheme. The Federal Board of Revenue has allocated 53 billion rupees for this Lucky Draw Scheme.

FBR POS Lucky Draw Result 2024

This amount will divide among the 1007 winners. FBR Lucky Draw Winner List has released in the fourth Lucky Draw on May 15, 2024. The system design for shops selling Rs. 01 has been added to the total amount. Rs. FBR Lucky Winners will receive 53 million. FBR directly delivers the prizes to the winners’ accounts. Federal Board of Revenue holds a lucky live draw for all customers. All customers can see live drawings on your screen every month.

FBR Lucky Draw Prizes List

FBR displays the winners list online. The winner’s list can view online, along with the names and prizes. FBR will conduct a computerized lottery on the 15th of each month. We will display the winners’ names on this page. FBR will allow you to confirm your FBR Invoice Slips and enter the FBR Lucky Draw. The draw will take place on the 15th of May, 2024. FPR introduced a computerized Lucky Draw to ensure fairness and transparency. This lucky draw is open to all customers who shop at POS-affiliated stores, superstores, hotels, and shops.

1.First Prize1,000,000/- Bumper Prize
2.Second Prize500,000/-
3.Third Prize250,000/-
4.Fourth Prize50000/- General Prize

FBR Lucky Draw Winner list 15 November 2024

This lucky draw for FBR is only available to Pakistani citizens. They will confirm their invoice number. To increase your chances of winning prizes under the FBR lucky draw, check the full FBR invoices. Your entries will consider for eligibility for the FBR Qura Andazi. These will verify at the end of each month. The winners of the FBR Prize Scheme of Pakistan results are published here. This system is available for shops where Rs.01 will add to your total bill.

How to Register for FBR Lucky Draw

FBR Lucky Draw Result

FBR Lucky Draw will continue every month. The winners received an SMS from FBR. To increase your chances of winning prizes under the FBR Award-winning Scheme, verify the maximum FBR invoices. Only verified entries will be eligible for the Federal Board of Revenue Qura Andazi. These will verify the end of each month. FBR will hold the fourth POS Computerized Ballot at FBR (HQs), Islamabad, at 2.30 pm.

1.15th October POS Prize WinnersCheck Online
2.15th September POS Prize WinnersCheck Online
3.15th August POS Prize WinnersCheck Online
4.15th July POS Prize WinnersCheck Online
5.15th June POS Prize WinnersCheck Online
6.16th May POS Prize WinnersCheck Online
7.15th April POS Prize WinnersCheck Online
8.15th March POS Prize WinnersCheck Online
9.15th February POS Prize WinnersCheck Online
10.15th January POS Prize WinnersCheck Online

FBR POS Points

The Federal Board of Revenue announced many prizes for the winners. Lucky Draw winners will receive cash. Below is a list of the prizes. It has recommended that you upgrade your bank account and IBAN number. The money will deposit directly into your bank account. The government of Pakistan announces prizes and awards. FBR hopes to encourage customers at pre-registered shops.

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