Pakistan Govt Hajj Scheme 2024 Application Last Date

The registration process for the Pakistani government Hajj Scheme 2024 has started. Pakistani citizens may submit their Hajj forms to approved financial institutions. Before the deadline, forms for the selected books necessary for Hajj will be given. The Saudi government of Saudi Arabia has raised the Hajj quota to Pakistan, according to the Pakistan Government Hajj Plan 2024 Application Form. Travelers from Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Iran, Iraq, and wherever else who want to do the Hajj.

Hajj Application Form 2024

The best time to perform Hajj will be selected randomly by the Pakistani Ministry of Religious Affairs. On the designated day, the draw results will be published and made accessible at After the official declaration, we will post the names of the accepted Annual hajj pilgrimage online. Please check back here often.

Guide Line Pakistan Government Hajj Scheme 2024 Application Form

Hajj online application forms must be submitted by March 31st. A small payment is due between March 13, 2024, and March 31, 2024. Applications will be accepted on the ministry’s website,, till 31.3.2024.

نوٹ: 2024 میں حج کرنے کے لیے حج درخواست فارم کی رجسٹریشن کی تاریخ 13 مارچ 2024 سے 31 مارچ 2024 ہے۔ اب عمرہ پروازیں بند ہیں اور حج رجسٹریشن اب شروع ہونے جا رہی ہے۔

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Govt hajj scheme 2024

The Pakistani government provided that same amount of rooms for Hajj, and those spots are shared between private and public travelers. It is estimated that the price of Hajj would be between 7 and 10 lakhs. Together with submitting an application for Hajj, applicants are required to make the required deposit at the specified bank branch. The Hajj management will decide on the submitted names and applications. If a candidate’s name is not selected for the final list, the bank deposit money will be refunded to the applicant.

How to apply for Hajj 2024?

  • Once you have determined that you meet the requirements for Hajj, you can begin the application process. Here is a step-by-step guide:
  • Choose a Hajj Package
  • The first step in applying for Hajj is to choose a Hajj package that suits your needs and budget. There are many Hajj tour operators that offer packages, so it is important to do your research and choose a reputable one.
  • Fill out the Application Form
  • Once you have chosen a Hajj package, you will need to fill out an application form. This form will ask for personal information, such as your name, address, and passport details.
  • Submit Supporting Documents
  • Along with your application form, you will need to submit supporting documents, such as a copy of your passport and a passport-sized photograph.
  • Make Payment
  • After submitting your application form and supporting documents, you will need to make a payment for your Hajj package. The cost of the package will depend on the type of Hajj you are performing and the level of accommodation you choose.
  • Wait for Confirmation
  • Once you have submitted your application and made payment, you will need to wait for confirmation from your tour operator. This confirmation will include your itinerary and any other important information you need to know before embarking on your journey.

پاکستانی حکومت نے حج کے لیے درخواستیں وصول کرنا شروع کر دی ہیں۔ کوئی بھی پاکستانی شہری حج کے لیے درخواستیں مخصوص بینکوں میں جمع کرا سکتا ہے۔ آخری تاریخ سے پہلے حج کے لیے نامزد کردہ بنک کی شاخوں پر درخواست فررم جمع کروا سکتے ہیں۔ 

Government Hajj Package 2024 Pakistan Price

Now is the time to get your passport in order. Pakistani citizens applying to perform Hajj in 2024 must do so electronically. The Hajj Directorate has set up a special website for this purpose so that people can apply online. The Hajj police are dispersed annually by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and Interfaith Harmony. This year’s Hajj hopefuls are bound by such regulation. The most up-to-date Hajj policy for this year has not been released. online apply

A happy greeting to you! Are you interested in Hajj Online Registration 2024 and where to find it? If so, you’re in luckily: I’ve included all you need to know to plan your Hajj in 2024 in this article, including the cost of the Pakistani Hajj Package 2024, the Hajj schedule, the application form, and the online registration procedure. All the details for Hajj Registration 2024 may be found here for those Muslims who want to go on the journey this year.

What is Hajj 2024 Application Last Date

Pakistan’s Hajj quota has been increased as planned by the Saudi government. The Hajj is open to Muslims worldwide, including those living in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Iran, Iraq, and other countries. The accepted Hajj applications are posted here when the official announcement is made. Visit this page multiple times.

Hajj Balloting Result Announced

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