Raid Shadow Legends Promo Codes 2024 Hellhades

Raid Shadow Legends Promo Codes 2024 Hellhades, tier list gets from this website. HellHades began making videos for Raid Shadow Legends in November 2024. Since then, he has been taking the platform of content creation to the forefront by boosting his YouTube channel to over 100,000 subscribers in the first year!

In March 2020, HellHades switched to Twitch to find a new outlet for his creativity that was more in tune with his audience and provided an interactive experience. HellHades soon made himself the principal streamer on Twitch to stream Raid Shadow Legends content, as well as offering his followers many other great games to play.


HellHades has been an avid gamer throughout his life, with an obsession for maximising his game play in fast-paced combat environments and strategic games. A few of his favorite games are Settlers 2, Civilisation 2, Championship Manager 2, XCOM, Final Fantasy, Star Wars Galaxies, World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike Source, Raven Shield, Raid Shadow Legends.

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HellHades can create his own paths in his preferred platforms. He applies his knowledge gained of working for many years in a an environment of high-pressure sales to the field of creating content.

After establishing himself as the most sought-after creator for both new as well as experienced players, HellHades offers guides and solutions daily to help players get the most the time they spend in Raid Shadow Legends and other similar games.

Raid Shadow Legends Tier List

Hellhades was a prominent YouTuber in RAID: Shadow Legends for a couple of months now. He is part of the Gallifrey clan and has helped the Gallifrey group grow through his influence and suggestions.

His YouTube channel currently has over 65.000 users, and his Discord Server with over 1000 members is a growing community.

We’ve been in contact in contact with Hellhades since the beginning of 2022. He will take time to answer some questions we asked him!

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