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PTI Website Namanzoor.Com Donation Online Pakistan Tehreek Insaf PM Imran Khan launched new website For Funding The target purpose of the website is to support the contribution of Pakistani to support the Imran Khan against changing governance, and put pressure on the federal government. Pakistani people support the Imran IMRAN against New Govt Domicity. The following website launched for PTI people to donate foreign people.

PTI Website Namanzoor.Com Donation Online

Funds raised by will used for the entire election activity of PTI. How to donate to the Imran Khan Namanzoor website? Please follow the given steps. How donate namanzoor website announced by PM Imran Khan.

Namanzoor.Com PTI website

Starting the import government Namanzoor website will be former Pakistan Prime Minister. It seems that you are Shahbaz Sharif now. The purpose of the website is to require Pakistan’s contribution outside Pakistan.

Imported government na manzoor website

On Friday, the website announced through Imran Khan, chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-E-INSAF, launched the website. “Let’s stop the plot and go to the country,” he urged. Imran Khan’s recent video news claimed that the conspiracy to go out was pushed to overthrow the government. He said his dignity was insulted 2.2 million, which was Pakistan’s most corrupt officer.

na manzoor com portal

The Pakistani people make a new nickname of the new government, “Import Government Namanzoor”, which is a popular theme on Twitter because it has taken away. In the past six days, about 15 million tweets this trend on Twitter have been released. The Imran Khan Fund enhances the NAMANOOR website.

Donations by Overseas Pakistanis

Mr. Imran Khan tells us on Twitter, he urged Pakistani to live in this country in foreign countries. Due to the traffic, the website of PTI officials is still busy. The site will soon be alive, and the donation will begin.

pti donation website

Contribute to, which can easily donate Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). is now starting with Imran Khan official dedication of donation.

Imran Khan Donation PTI

Imran Khan donated the Pakistani donated his PTI sent petition to the Friday. The Pakistani invited Pakistan to pay to Shahbaz Sharif, the government, will fall.

Imran Khan raises Rs450 million donation through

The Pakistani was encouraged to pay by Khan’s foreign countries. This is an ironic that they are required to support a political party blame the United States to reduce the Pakistani government.

imported government na manzoor website

We provided information about the Namanzoor website. He overturned the Shahbaz Sharif government from Pakistani from Pakistani and eliminated the latest elections.

How to Donate to Imran Khan Namanzoor Website?

  • Please visit
  • Click “Click here to donate” button
  • After clicking, you will take to another page to fill in the form.
  • Fill in this form and click Submit.
  • Now I chose the payment method.
  • There are two payment methods available.
  • PayPal and Card Payment
  • After paying, you will get the receipt.

PTI Funding website

Shortly message, Namanzoor With the contribution of people who want to support PTI. This website has received so many traffic, and users must queue donate.


If you are Imran Khan’s international fans, and if you want to know how to donate in an economical, please visit the official PTI platform As we know that new information is available, we will make sure you pass with you. Keep in mind that the website of the website is Imran Khan Dan PTI can be done here.

namanzoor com pk website

Supporting Pakistan’s leaders living abroad has dried at an unprecedented level. This website removed from Pakistan who lived in Pakistan. Pakistani citizen living outside Pakistan said that their contribution for funding is correct. This website has raised at least 450 million rupees. Many people think this is the historical decision of the president, and the huge amount collected in the expected.

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