Jazz Call Packages – Daily, Weekly, and Monthly 2022

Over time, Jazz has seen the fast growth of approximately 55 million users making jazz the largest telecommunications network in Pakistan. There is no doubt that Jazz has launched new services for users, offering amazing Jazz Call Packages, text messages, and Internet packages, and won the hearts of customers by arranging a fast network. This is why more and more users are turning to Jazz.

For the convenience of customers, Jazz provides daily, weekly, and monthly call packages according to customer requirements. These different jazz call packages provide customers with options so that they can easily meet their requirements.

Jazz Call Packages

Jazz Call Packages Code

Daily Call Packages

Jazz Super Plus OfferRs.28 incl.Tax500 On-Net Minutes 5 Off-Net Minutes 500MB internet + 500 SMS1 DayDial *558#
Jazz Super F&F PackageRs.10 incl.Tax100000 Free On-Net Minutes 100000 SMS1 Day*141*F&F_Number#
Super Daily Call OfferRs.17 incl.Tax1440 Free On-Net Minutes 150MB Internet 50 SMS1 DayDial *212#
Daily Day BundlePKR 1420MB Data 300 Jazz Mins 300 SMS1 Day*340#
Jazz SIM Lagao OfferN/A3000 Jazz/Warid Minutes (50 Minutes/day) Not valid between 6 PM – 10 PM 1500MBs (Not valid between 9 PM to 1 AM) and 3000 SMS24 Hours (Valid for 60 Days)Dial *551#

Weakly Call Packages

Jazz Weekly Hybrid OfferRs.115 Inc. Tax1000 Free On-Net Minutes Off-Net 20 Minutes 1000 SMS 500MB Internet7 DaysRs. 130Dial *407# Un-Subscription: *407*4# Status: *407*2# Info: *407*3#
Jazz Weekly All Network OfferRs. 170 (Incl. tax)1000 Free On-Net Minutes 60 Off-Net Minutes 2000MB Internet +1000SMS7 DaysRs. 192Dial *700# Status : *700*2# Un-Subscription: *700*4#
Super-Duper Weekly OfferRs. 210 (Incl. tax)1500 Free On-Net Minutes 60 Off-Net Minutes 1500 SMS 3000MB Internet7 DaysRs. 224Dial *770# Status: *770*2# Bundle information = *770*3#
Jazz Weekly Super PlusRs. 250 (Incl. tax)5000 Free On-Net Minutes 70 Off-Net Minutes 5000 SMS 12GB Internet (6GB 2 AM – 2 PM)7 DaysRs. 285Dial *505# Status: *505*2#
Jazz Work from Home BundleRs. 95 (Incl.Tax)10GB Data Unlimited jazz mins (8 AM – 6 PM)7 DaysDial *117*14#
Jazz Weekly Super MaxRs. 299 (Incl. Tax)30GB Data — 10GBs +10GBs (2AM-2PM) + 10GBs Youtube 6000 Jazz mins 60 Other Network 6000 SMS7 DaysRs. 337*506#
Sargodha Weekly Offer (Offer Valid for Sargodha Only)Rs. 89 (Incl. tax)2000 Free On-Net Minutes 2000 SMS 2GB Internet7 DaysRs. 100Dial *627# Status: *627*2#
Jazz Haftawar All Rounder OfferRs. 120 (Incl. tax)1000 Free On-Net Minutes 50 Off-Net Minutes 1000 SMS 250MB Internet7 DaysRs. 113Dial *747# Status: *747*2#

Monthly Call Packages

Jazz Monthly Hybrid BundleRs.444 incl.TaxRs.50010,000 Free On-Net Minutes (333 Minutes/day, Sunday Unlimited) Off-Net 50 Minutes 1000 SMS 1GB Internet30 DaysDial *430# Status *430*2#
Mahana Bachat OfferRs. 75 incl. Tax2GB Data (WhatsApp & IMO) 200 Jazz Mins 20 Other Network Mins 2000 SMS30 Days*614#
Jazz Monthly PremiumRs. 620 incl.TaxN/A200 All-Network Minutes 1500 SMS 5GB Internet30 DaysDial *2000#
Monthly Super DuperRs. 600 (Incl. tax)Rs. 6803000 Jazz+Warid Minutes Off-net: 150 Minutes 5GB Internet 3000 SMS30 DaysDial: *706# Status: *706*2#
Jazz Super Duper Monthly CardRs.600 incl.TaxRs. 6002000 Free On-Net Minutes 150 Off-Net Minutes 2000 SMS 2GB Internet30 DaysDial *601#
Jazz Super Duper Plus CardRs. 977 (Incl. tax)Rs. 10995000 Free On-Net Minutes 300 Off-Net Minutes 5000 SMS 15GB Internet30 DaysDial *707# Info String: *707*3# Status String: *707*2# Un-Subscription: *707*4#

Are you looking for how to subscribe to the Jazz Call package? The Calling package provides monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly activation codes and other complete details. According to PTA (Pakistan Telecommunications Authority), Mobilink is the best 4G network provider in Pakistan. In addition, Jazz also offers a variety of prepaid packages. In order to retain talents, Jazz provides regular, weekly, and monthly phone packages. These countless jazz call packages began to provide options that easily met their needs.

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