Karachi Postal Code Area Zip Codes

The complete Karachi Postal codes list for all Karachi cities can be found here. You can get Area Codes and Zip Codes without difficulty at this website. Zip Code is also known as Postal Code. Karachi Postal Code for the locations of Karachi cities is available here. The important note is that Postal codes have been used to control Daak of this region.

Karachi Postal Code

Karachi Postal code, Area Zip codes List of Postoffice

Karachi Post Office provides postal code and zip code to identify a location within the country. This process is known as Zone Optimization Plan. The post office prints the zip code with capital letters on the covered paper to quickly read the address. Mailers can use zip codes to find postal address mail more efficiently and speedily.

List of Karachi Postal Code (updated)

Freeskill.pk provides you a List of Karachi Postal codes in PDF here. Anyone who wants to know the postal code of their city should visit this site regularly. The Post office provides a Zip/Area code of five numbers. It also includes a dash and four other numbers indicating a specific area within a given zip code. A Pakistan Postcode can define as a five-digit identifier usually contained in an address that will enable the automatic sorting of mail for a specific post office.

List of Karachi Postal Code Area Code Zip Code Colony Wise Details

We have published a list of some of the postcodes found in Karachi in this post. Read this article carefully to get more details about this page’s List of Karachi Postal Code Colony Wise. Govt of Pakistan will build many post offices in cities with large populations. People can get information through postcodes about their city’s zip code.

Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan ZIP Code (Postal)

Postal CodeArea Name
72500karachi Airport
75760Baldia Town
75150Board of Secondary Education
75530Karachi Cantt
 7100City GPO
75500Defence Society
75150Export Processing Zone
75950Federal B Area
75650Habib Bank
75520Hotel Metropole
75510Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center
74200Karachi GPO
75270Karachi University
75190Korangi Creek
74900Korangi GPO
75160Landhi Colony
75070Malir Cantt
75050Malir City
75100Model Colony
75040Murad Memon Goth
75260National Cement Industry- DALMIA
74700Nazimabad GPO
75850New Karachi
74800New Town GPO
74600North Nazimabad GPO
75800Orange Town
75760Pakistan Machine Tool Factory
75790Pakistan Naval Armament Depot
75800Pakistan Steel Mills
75200Pakistan Steel Mills Town Ship
75020Port Muhammad Bin Qasim
75210Rafa-e-Aam Society
74100Saddar GPO
75230Shah Faisal Colony
75730Sher Shah Colony
75580Sindh Governor House
74550Nishter Road

List of Karachi Postal Code Areas 2023

We have uploaded a List of Karachi Postal Codes for all areas of Karachi on this page. The term ZIP code was first registered as a service mark by the US Postal Service. Now, we will discuss Karachi Pakistan Postal Code. We will give you Karachi Pakistan Postal Codes for Sindh and Pakistan regions here.

List of Postal Codes in Karachi

Postal codes serve to determine the address of the post. Postal codes are assigned to control postal numbers, usually one or two, placed on a postal address to facilitate mail processing. Find the code using a street or town and state address. You can also search for zip codes for other cities or states here.

Karachi Postal Code List

A zip code is used to identify a place name in a particular country. That suggests mail moves more efficiently and, consequently, faster when the sender uses the code within the mail address.

What is the postal code of Gulistan e Johar Karachi?

You can get more details about Karachi Gulistan Johar Kp-2023 in this article. We provide all information about Karachi GEJ Postal Code and Zip Code on this page. The Post Code of Karachi Gulistan Johar (Kp-2023) Post Office is 75290.

How many areas are there in Karachi?

We provide postcodes and zip codes for administrative divisions like Karachi East, Karachi West, Karachi Central, Karachi South, and Malir District. If you look at Karachi postal Code List Area/Zip codes, you’ve come to the right place. Karachi is among the biggest cities in Pakistan, and it can be challenging to locate any region with a post service. Zip code and postal code help to find any part and state.

What is the postal code of Garden East Karachi?

For Karachi city, huge postal or Zip codes are accessible on this site. When you enter that ZIP code, your mail can quickly travel and reach its correct destination. It’s important to remember the intention behind writing it down.

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