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Lost life APK means you enjoy reading horror novels? Horror stories and creepy movies can inspire in a variety of ways. The horror genre has become a mobile game. This story has its mythology about the monsters it features.

This simple truth is enough to make us fearless. Fear can be deceiving and exhilarating. It’s not something we need, but avoiding the cold horrors on the screen is hard. The most loved sport is lost life, both among teenagers and adults. The puzzle game is an exciting and interesting inside story.

Lost Life APK

Lost Life APK Latest Version Download For Android

If you are looking for spiritual adventures, this category is a must-have. The game can be downloaded to your Android phone or tablet. You’ll see all the available games on your smartphone screen. It’s also free to download from our website.

Additional Information

Name:Lost Life
Category:Games, Simulation
Latest Version:v1.46
Package Name:air.LostLife
Updated on:Apr 01, 2022
MD5:No ads
Requirements:Android 4.0+
Developed By:Shikstoo Games
File Size:18.7 MB

Lost Life How To Play

Lost Life APK The game blends thrilling horror experiences into one. Lost life is an adventure game in the horror genre that is ranked among the best.

The game is Lost life. The game lets you play as a frightened person. Your choices could affect your fate, life, death, and the fates and lives of other players. If you’re seeking a thrilling game, This is it.

Lost Life Mod Apk explores the frightening world of someone driven by action and fearful of people whose actions can profoundly impact your destiny and survival as well as the lives and well-being of other people.

A horror-action adventure game that one person can only experience. Your destiny is affected by every action. The puzzle game is both exciting and frightening, but it’s also delightful. That’s why most people play this game.

It is based on an interactive novel and best suits caring people. It features a simple interface with black text and a background.

Two options will be available at some point in human history. It would help if you made wise decisions, as each decision will directly affect your destiny, life, and death. Your story will change depending on which answer you choose.

It’s an exciting and enjoyable adventure that can freeze you repeatedly. The constant interruptions of advertising can make the accessible version of this game less enjoyable.

Lost Life APK Mod Feature

Game of Life 2 can be purchased for a fee, but other deals exist. To view a specific topic, please pay again. It is unlocked with Mod APK, so it’s okay. You are now in a new world with the Fairy Kingdom! A palace with lanterns, a magical place, a fountain of purple light, and more await you!

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You will need to pick two levels that you can tell daily. These are often life-changing moments, so be careful about your choices.

Because every decision you make impacts your environment and yourself, you don’t have control over the future, so you must take responsibility for your choices. These monsters and ghosts will evoke your imagination while you read the story.

Players must live their childhood lives to make a new life. Your character’s fate will be affected by every decision you make. It would help if you took responsibility for all your actions in this game.

The background color for the lettering is black, and the background song sounds intimidating.

Choose your options.

You have many options when it comes to the lost person. First, ask your mom if you would like to talk with her about the ghosts in her closet. Next, they will ask you what kind of dreams you would like. Your taste may dictate the ending. You must make wise choices and accept the consequences.


Because you are a child full of adventures, the story will delight you. You will have many dreams, including communicating with your family and other nocturnal animals. You can’t ask me anything else because it could destroy you. After reading a few chapters, however, you’ll be immersed in history.

Amazing sound effects

Even if the game does not contain images or videos, it can still be frightening for adults because of its plots and sound effects. The background is essential because it tells the story and gives depth to the characters. The lack of in-game graphics will cause the sound effects to be louder.

How to Download Lost Life APK

Follow these simple steps to download and install Lost Life APK on your Android Mobile Phone. We have created a complete guide for downloading and installing Lost Life APK.

Step 1 – Download

First, click on the Download button below. It may ask you to wait for a while before pressing the button. Then, keep clicking the button. Once the timer is over, click the newly created Download Button. Your download will begin automatically. Track your download file in the lower left corner of your browser.

Step 2 – File manager

To install the APK file:

  1. Open the APK or go to File Manager.
  2. Find the Desired APK files you just downloaded.
  3. Click on Enable Unknown Sources.

This app is necessary because the Android system will request permission to install third-party applications.

Step 3 – Install the app

After Enable the Sources are enabled, click on the downloaded “Lost Life” APK File. Once the installation is complete, you will see the app.

Step 4 – Let’s get going!

Tap to view the Lost Life app icon in your mobile phone apps. Tap to start. Congratulations. You’re done.


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