NITB Result 2024 of Batch 21 of Basic IT Training Course

The official website of the (National Information Technology Board Islamabad) NITB Result 2024 of Batch 21 is now available. Awaiting the final results of the candidates who took this exam. You will find the NITB Basic IT Result, the Waiting List for Batch 18, 19, 20, and 21, and the EXAM IN BATCH-21. In April 2024, we will know the results of Retake-16 and Batch-17. Results of Batch-18 and Batch-19 will be announced later that month. You can download the NITB Batch 18 and 19 Results with the waiting list here.

NITB Result 2024 of Batch 21 of Basic IT Training Course

Candidate can check their NITB Results Batch 18, 19, 20, and 21 2024 online through the board’s official website after the National Information Technology Board (NITB) released them. Candidates who succeed in the NITB examination are considered well-equipped with the necessary skills for success in the Information Technology field.

NITB Result

Candidates who appeared in the exam were eagerly awaiting the NITB Result 2024. For jobs in government organizations related to IT, candidates are selected through the NITB examination. A successful candidate in the first round of selection will advance to the next round.

NITB Result Batch 21 2024
Result of Batch 21Check Online
Result of Batch 20Check Online

Officials have announced the NITB results batch by batch for 2024. You can check your results online on the board’s official website and view their collection by batch. IT professionals who clear the NITB examination are considered well-prepared to excel in this field, as it is a highly competitive examination.

NITB Result Batch 19 2024

Candidates who appeared in the examination are relieved and happy with the results. People who pass the NITB examination are considered highly skilled in the field of information technology, and they are regarded as having excellent skills.

A result certificate will be issued to candidates who pass the NITB exam, which they can keep for their reference. An applicant’s ability to pass the NITB examination attests to his or her high level of IT skills.

NITB Result Batch 15 2024

Here is where you can find the NITB Result Batch 15 announcement. Therefore, you should check this page regularly. As an autonomous agency under the Department of Industries, the Punjab Information Technology Board was established in 1999 by the Punjab Government. You can stay updated by visiting this page. Please let us know if you have questions or comments about our services.

NITB Result Batch 19 2024 Waiting List

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