Mechanism of Ion Absorption by Roots

Nutrition, University of California, Berkeley, California INTRODUCTION In view of the recent comprehensive reviews by Robertson (13) and by Hewitt (4) and because of the fact that detailed annual coverage of the subject is readily available in abstract form, it was felt desirable to confine this article largely to the basic feature of mineral nutrition, […]

Factors Affecting Absorption of Water By Plants

Two types of plant factors (internal factors) and environmental factors (external factors) both affect how plants Absorption of Water through their roots. These factors include soil factors (exogenous factors), such as soil temperature, the solubility (osmotic potential) of the soil solution, soil aeration (concentration 02 and carbon dioxide accumulation), soil water, and there are activities […]

Difference Between Photosynthesis and Respiration

The main difference between photosynthesis and respiration is that photosynthesis occurs during the day, and breathing occurs during the day and at night. Leaves (and other active metabolic tissues) breathe at night. They use oxygen to release carbon dioxide. Low intensity at dawn and dusk. Therefore, the photosynthesis rate and respiratory rate become equal in […]

Difference between Environment and Ecosystem

The main difference between the environment and the ecosystem is that everything that exists in the surrounding environment in which the living organism is called is the difference between the environment and the ecosystem. For example, physical force, natural force, and chemical force are the environment, while independent living systems with biological components and their […]

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