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Apply online for a Punjab Mazdoor Card in 2024.The Punjab government is giving people the Mazdoor Card for the first time in Pakistan’s history. It comes after the Health Card and the Kisan Card. The Punjab Mazdoor Card is one of the best program that the Punjab government in Pakistan has started. The use of this worker’s card will cover the whole state. With the help of Punjab Bank, the program will give Mazdoor cards to about 68 million low-income workers and 1.1 million workers. Apply online for a Punjab Mazdoor Card in 2024.

Punjab Mazdoor Card Online Registration 2024

We’ll tell you more about this project when we do. Mazdoor Card. When things like this happen, it’s always a good idea to ask for help. How do you qualify for the programme, and what are the benefits of this programme? Apply for a Punjab Mazdoor Card online. They ask the most powerful people in their country for help. With the card, you can buy an ID card, a bank card, or a pass.

Punjab Mazdoor Card

Punjab Mazdoor Card Online Apply 2024

Pakistan has started giving through Mazdoor Cards so that people can get all of the benefits and services listed in the next few straight lines. The Punjab Mazdoor Card will also be accepted in Social Security Institute hospitals and shops, as well as in private and registered hospitals across the state. But a lot of people wanted to know about Mazdoor Card Online Application Punjab Pakistan.

How To Check Mazdoor Card Online 2024

Visit their main website at www.pessi.punjab.gov.pk (Department of Labour and Employment, Government of Punjab). When things are like this, it’s hard for people to get through the day. It is possible that the Punjab Mazdoor Card is one of the best program that the government of Punjab, Pakistan has ever made.

Punjab Mazdoor Card Online Apply 2024 | Mazdoor Card

Working day and night is necessary for most people to meet their most basic necessities. The PESSI App allows for convenient online application for Mazdoor cards, which will soon be valid across the whole province of Punjab. Visit www.pessi.punjab.gov.pk to apply online for a Punjab Mazdoor Card. There has been talk of integrating the Health Facility card with existing ID cards for workers. Here is a detailed about of the online application process for a Punjab Mazdoor Card:

Registration Started FromApril 2024
Last to Apply for online RegistrationUpdate Soon
Official Webpage of Addresshttps://pessi.punjab.gov.pk/

Bank Of Punjab Mazdoor Card

Mazdoor Card founded by BOP is bringing a new age to Pakistan by making a big step towards workers’ financial autonomy through the use of an ATM/Debit card that lets social and medical benefits be directly transferred onto the card. These benefits cover things like accidents, illnesses, childbirth, death, disability income, tips, and more.

Key Features of Punjab Mazdoor Card

Here is the main page where you can find out more.Mazdoor Card, operated by BOP, brings a new revolution to Pakistan by taking a step towards the financial stability of the Mazdoor workers. The card is a specially designed ATM/Debit Card that includes direct distribution of health and social financial benefits like sickness, maternity, injury, death grants, disability gratuity, pension and more from PESSI.

Punjab Mazdoor Card APK Download Free

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pessi.punjab.gov.pk Mazdoor Card 2024

The card can give its users a lot of cash awards and make sure that workers only have to meet the bare minimum of requirements. Also, the rules for filing online have been set by the government of Pakistan. This is why we also included the “click here” button, which will open an official website run by the government of Punjab.

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Punjab Employees Social Security Institution (PESSI)
Address:3-A, Gulberg-V, Jail Road, Lahore
Email:[email protected]

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