Ramadan Calendar 2024 Pakistan Sehr o Iftar Time

The month of Ramadan begins on March 12, 2024 on Tuesday, 1445 Hijri. Ramadan Calendar, Sehar & Iftar Time And Date Calendar consist of 30 days timetable for each city. Click here to download the Ramadan Calendar 2024. In conjunction with Shia Ramadan Calendar 2024, a calendar for Pakistani Muslims was specially created.

Ramadan Calendar 2024

  • March 12, 2024: Ramadan begins at sunset
  • April 11, 2024: Eid al-Fitr (End of Ramadan)

Sehar & Iftar Time 

112, Tue04:51 AM12:18 PM03:47 PM06:28 PM07:41 PM
213, Wed04:51 AM12:18 PM03:46 PM06:27 PM07:40 PM
314, Thu04:52 AM12:18 PM03:46 PM06:26 PM07:39 PM
415, Fri04:52 AM12:17 PM03:45 PM06:25 PM07:38 PM
516, Sat04:53 AM12:17 PM03:45 PM06:24 PM07:37 PM
617, Sun04:53 AM12:17 PM03:44 PM06:23 PM07:36 PM
718, Mon04:54 AM12:16 PM03:44 PM06:22 PM07:34 PM
819, Tue04:55 AM12:16 PM03:43 PM06:21 PM07:33 PM
920, Wed04:55 AM12:16 PM03:43 PM06:20 PM07:32 PM
1021, Thu04:56 AM12:16 PM03:42 PM06:19 PM07:31 PM
1122, Fri04:56 AM12:15 PM03:41 PM06:18 PM07:30 PM
1223, Sat04:57 AM12:15 PM03:41 PM06:17 PM07:29 PM
1324, Sun04:57 AM12:15 PM03:40 PM06:16 PM07:28 PM
1425, Mon04:58 AM12:14 PM03:40 PM06:15 PM07:27 PM
1526, Tue04:58 AM12:14 PM03:39 PM06:13 PM07:26 PM
1627, Wed04:59 AM12:14 PM03:38 PM06:12 PM07:24 PM
1728, Thu04:59 AM12:13 PM03:38 PM06:11 PM07:23 PM
1829, Fri05:00 AM12:13 PM03:37 PM06:10 PM07:22 PM
1930, Sat05:00 AM12:13 PM03:36 PM06:09 PM07:21 PM
2031, Sun05:01 AM12:13 PM03:36 PM06:08 PM07:20 PM
2101, Mon05:01 AM12:12 PM03:35 PM06:07 PM07:19 PM
2202, Tue05:02 AM12:12 PM03:34 PM06:06 PM07:18 PM
2303, Wed05:02 AM12:12 PM03:34 PM06:05 PM07:17 PM
2404, Thu05:02 AM12:11 PM03:33 PM06:04 PM07:16 PM
2505, Fri05:03 AM12:11 PM03:32 PM06:03 PM07:15 PM
2606, Sat05:03 AM12:11 PM03:32 PM06:02 PM07:14 PM
2707, Sun05:04 AM12:11 PM03:31 PM06:01 PM07:13 PM
2808, Mon05:04 AM12:10 PM03:30 PM06:00 PM07:12 PM
2909, Tue05:05 AM12:10 PM03:30 PM05:59 PM07:11 PM
3010, Wed05:05 AM12:10 PM03:29 PM05:58 PM07:10 PM

Ramadan Calendar 2024 Pakistan

You can find daily accurate times for Ramadan in Pakistan. Today’s iftar time According to the Ramadan timetable, is expected to start on April 2024.

Ramadan Calendar Worldwide 2024

Makkah04:55 AM6:37 PM
Al Madina04:53 AM6:39 PM
Jakarta04:45 AM5:58 PM
Dhaka04:33 AM6:15 PM
Karachi05:05 AM6:49 PM
Cairo04:14 AM6:15 PM
New York05:20 AM7:23 PM
Lagos05:28 AM6:57 PM
Istanbul05:11 AM7:31 PM
Lahore04:27 AM6:24 PM
Tehran05:22 AM7:28 PM
Baghdad04:24 AM6:24 PM
Kuala Lumpur06:02 AM7:22 PM
Ankara04:58 AM7:15 PM
Islamabad04:29 AM6:30 PM
Chittagong04:29 AM6:09 PM
Kabul04:10 AM6:16 PM
Alexandria04:18 AM6:21 PM
Dehli04:50 AM6:41 PM
London04:34 AM7:36 PM
Mumbai05:18 AM6:54 PM
Cape Town05:35 AM6:41 PM

Every day sher-o-aftar timing is available on the Ramadan Calendar. Ramadan may commence on April 3 based on the Meteorology Department’s forecast, with the moon rising on Shaba. There are more Muslims in Karachi than in any other city in Pakistan. For the month of Ramadan 2024, all Muslims in Pakistan will be able to pray free of charge.

To display clarity in clear weather, the moon depends on several factors, including observing Iftar and Sehri times in Pakistan and arranging special arrangements during Taraweeh.

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