Schools Closed in District KP Due to Bad Weather

There have been more school closures in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) due to bad weather.

The Deputy Commissioner of Khyber notified the closure of 25 government schools in Tirah Valley because they are covered in snow. These schools will be closed until March 10, 2024 .

This follows previous closures in Swat and Upper Dir districts. Schools in Upper Dir are closed until March 8, 2024, and schools in Swat are closed until March 9, 2024.

Schools Closed in District KP Due to Bad Weather

The following 25 schools will remain closed till March 10, 2024:

  1. GHS, Warsak Shalobar, Tirah
  2. GMS, Kotkai Ziarat, Tirah
  3. GMS, Toor Toot, Tirah
  4. GGMS, Zanjeer Killi, Tirah
  5. GMS, Mewa Khan, Tirah
  6. GMS, Khaista Gul, Tirah
  7. GGPS, Kham Killi, Tirah
  8. GGPS, Muhammad Din Shah, Tirah
  9. GGPS, Zaley Khan, Tirah
  10. GPS, Misri Khan Takhtakai, Tirah
  11. GPS, Hasham Killi, Tirah
  12. GPS, Awal Kareem, Tirah
  13. GPS, Masood Killi, Tirah
  14. GPS, Habib Shah Killi, Tirah
  15. GPS, Niaz Muhammad, Tirah
  16. GPS, Kotkai, Tirah
  17. GPS, Bakhtawaran, Tirah
  18. GPS, Zafar Killi, Tirah
  19. GPS, Khawjali, Tirah
  20. GPS, Mina Baz, Tirah
  21. GPS, Zangi, Tirah
  22. GGPS, Zangi, Tirah
  23. GGPS, Lalmat Shah, Tirah
  24. GGPS, Rahim Shah, Tirah
  25. GGPS, Tarkho Kas, Tirah

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