Zong Off-Net Call Packages 2024 | Daily, Weekly, Monthly

It is the Zong Network day by day grow in Pakistan fastly. It offers a wide range of Zong Other Network Call Packages, including Off-Net Mins, SMS packages and Internet-based packages, which differ in terms of name prices, validity, and other resources.

Zong has kept the prices of nearly all packages reasonably priced, however apart from this, Zong has introduced a range that includes Apna Shehar Offers to its customers at a fair cost. In this offer an offer that is separate from the others is being offered to cities across all provinces within Pakistan. Customers receive calls, SMS and Internet data.

If you want to make calls via Zong Network to another network. You should then activate Zong’s call package. Because if you dial a Zong phone number using a different network, you will not be activating an off-net plan. Therefore, your current balance could cost you a lot more. If you’d like to reduce your balance, make sure you activate a Zong Off Net Call. Zong Off Net-Call service.

Zong Other Network Call Packages

Zong Other Network Call Packages

If  you are looking for all network, call packages. You have reached the right place. You will find the daily, weekly, monthly, and 15-day other network call packages on this page. To activate, simply select the package that you wish to make calls to all networks.

Package NameDetailValidityPrice
Zong Daily Punjab Offer40 Off-Net Minutes500 On-Net Minutes150MB Internet Data1 Day
Rs. 37
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Zong Shandaar Haftawaar Offer40 Off-Net Minutes500 On-Net Minutes500 SMS500MB Internet7 Days
Rs. 158
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Zong All-In One Weekly Offer40 Off-Net Minutes5000 On-Net Minutes5000 SMS3GB Internet7 Days
Rs. 200
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Zong Haftawaar Load Offer80 Off-Net MinutesUnlimited On-Net MinutesUnlimited SMS9GB Internet7 Days
Rs. 270
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Zong Voice 80 Min80 All-Net Minutes15Days
Rs. 120
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Zong Combo Pack50 All-Net Minutes3GB Internet15Days
Rs. 200
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Zong Shandaar Monthly Package100 Off-Net Minutes1000 Zong Minutes1000 SMS1GB Internet30Days
Rs. 305
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Zong Monthly Power Pack 50050 Off-Net Minutes1000 Zong Minutes1000 SMS2.5GB Internet30Days
Rs. 500
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Zong Voice 425 MIN Bundle425 All Net Minutes5000 SMS30Days
Rs. 600
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Zong Super Card180 Off-Net Minutes5000 Zong Minutes5000 SMS300MB Youtube6GB Internet30Days
Rs. 675
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Zong Supreme Offer300 Off-Net Minutes5000 Zong Minutes5000 SMS12GB Internet30Days
Rs. 850
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Zong Voice 900 MIN Bundle900 All Net Minutes30 Days
Rs. 1200
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Zong Monthly Super Offer450 Off-Net Minutes5000 Zong Minutes5000 SMS30GB Internet30Days
Rs. 1299
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Zong Supreme Plus Offer600 Off-Net Minutes10,000 Zong Minutes10,000 SMS30GB Internet30Days
Rs. 1550
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How to transfer balance from zong to other network

These packages allow you to make calls on other networks. Now activate y to enjoy. You can also activate Zong’s all network call package via My Zong app, or Zong ECare.

  1. Dial *828# Zong balance share code from your phone:
  2. Enter the phone number of the recipient.
  3. Input the amount that you want to send.
  4. Now reply with “1” to confirm the balance transfer.

Unsubscribe Zong Other Network Call Package

You can dial 310 to deactivate any zong call packages.

Check Zong Remaining Other Network Minutes

Dial *102# to check Remaining Minutes SMS or Internet Mbs of Zong

Over the last two years, Pakistan’s telecom market has changed the way cellular service is provided to virtually all. From low-cost call rates to international call plans for several countries, our cellular networks convey a futuristic and positive impression. Because we’re riding high on the hope-trail at present, we’ll understand a few fundamentals. Below is the steps to move balance between sims Jazz, Ufone, Zong, Telenor.

Jazz Call Packages – Daily, Weekly, and Monthly

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