AFNS Test Syllabus And Past Paper Pattern Total Guide

The Pakistan Army allows women to join as nurses. Please find below the complete syllabus and pattern of the AFNS Test for 2024. AFNS Past Papers are also available in PDF format.

Army Nursing Admission 2024 is the application process for becoming a Nurse in the Army. Start preparing for the Army Selection Centre’s initial AFNS test after successful registration. An online test based on the AFNS syllabus must be taken on a computer.

Download AFNS Syllabus and AFNS Past Papers for preparation according to the AFNS syllabus, 2024. Understanding the AFNS test pattern requires knowledge of past and practice papers.

  • Starting Date of AFNS Online Registration 2024: 20 Feb, 2024
  • AFNS Online Registration 2024 Last Date13 March, 2024

AFNS Test Syllabus And Past Paper Pattern

  • Verbal Intelligence Test
  • Non Verbal Intelligence Test
  • Academic Test

Here is a short description of the AFNS Initial Test syllabus. An initial test pattern has been provided by the Pakistan Army. There is a need for practice on the Verbal and Non-Verbal Intelligence Test. These intelligence tests require candidates to practice. The candidate cannot proceed to the Academic Test if he fails the verbal or non-verbal intelligence tests.

AFNS Non Verbal Intelligence Test

An AFNS Initial Test includes a nonverbal intelligence component. During this test, candidates must answer 85-90 multiple choice questions within 30 minutes. AFNS Test Preparation Book can help you prepare 100% according to AFNS Test Syllabus by practicing online or buying the book. Pay upon delivery for the AFNS Book when you place an online order. TCS delivers to your home.

AFNS Syllabus

Download Books

SRBook TitleAction
1.Antonym AFNS Solved PDF MCQsDownload
2.Biology AFNS Solved PDF MCQsDownload
3.Chemistry AFNS Solved PDF MCQsDownload
4.Idioms or phrases AFNS Solved PDF MCQsDownload
5.Intelligence nonverbal AFNS Solved PDF MCQsDownload
6.Intelligence Verbal AFNS Solved PDF MCQsDownload
7.Narration/Voice AFNS Solved PDF MCQsDownload
8.Physics AFNS Solved PDF MCQsDownload
9.Prepositions AFNS Solved PDF MCQsDownload
10.Synonyms AFNS Solved PDF MCQsDownload

AFNS Test Syllabus And Paper Pattern Download

Preparation for any test requires familiarity with past papers. AFNS Past Papers are searched for by students to prepare for tests. It is possible to download AFNS Past Papers with solutions here. As part of the AFNS Test Preparation Book, past AFNS papers with repeated MCQs were also added.

1.Biology TestDownload
2.Chemistry TestDownload
3.English TestDownload
4.General Knowledge TestDownload
5.Intelligence Test (Non-Verbal)Download
6.Intelligence Test (Verbal)Download
7.Physics TestDownload
8.Professional TestDownload

Join Pak Army As AFNS Syllabus 2024

The initial test can be prepared online and from books by candidates who wish to attend Armed Forces Nursing Services AFNS. In the market, there are different preparation books available. Preparation books are available for purchase.

The AFNS Test syllabus is not covered by students during online preparation. To prepare for the test, you should refer to the AFNS Syllabus and follow the paper pattern as described in the book.

AFNS Online Registration

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