PMA Long Course Initial Test Preparation

PMA Long Course Initial Test Preparation Online, ISSB Online Exam Preparation Guide Books available here.” The Pakistan Army is a subsidiary of the Pakistan Armed Forces. After Pakistan became independent, the Pakistani army was born. Pakistan is the world’s most famous professional combat force. The Pakistan Army will provide PMA 141 long courses for candidates who have an outstanding academic career and hope to realize their dreams by joining the Pakistan Army. If you want to join the Pakistan Army through PMA 141 long course, please read carefully and follow the instructions/recommendations.

PMA Long Course Initial Test Preparation

To prepare for the ISSB exam, you must follow and understand the pattern, so try to solve the previous ISSB exam paper. The ISSB exam will be conducted online, so the website that provides online exam services FreeSkill.PK is one of the most famous and largest websites in Pakistan, providing free help for candidates to take the ISSB exam. The previously resolved ISSB papers are also available here. There are also a large number of helpful books on the market, and you can also prepare for ISSB testing with the help of ISSB.

PMA Long Course Initial Test Past Papers

PMA Long Course

Verbal Intelligence Test For PMA Long Course Download

PMA Long Course Initial Test Pattern

The Pakistan Army now proposes that candidates register for PMA Long Course 141 through online registration. Now, registration for PMA 141 long-term course has started. If you are willing to join the Pakistan Army as an appointed officer through PMA Long Course 141, please register through the online registration facility.

PMA Initial Test Passing Marks

  • FA/FSC or equivalent Marks are at least 60%. Candidates who get 60% points or 50% points in FA/FSC and 50% points in BA/BSc, BA/BSc (Hons), and BBA are eligible to participate in PMA long-term courses.
  • Mark relaxation-FA / FSC:-Candidates in designated areas of residence mark 55%. Balochistan, FATA, Gilgit-Baltistan, Neelam Azad Jammu Kashmir, Punjab Fort. In addition to becoming the holder of the residence, the candidate will actually study in the same field.
  • Serving army soldiers: The Marks for FA/FSC and equivalent is 50%.
  • Certificate of Hope: Candidates who hope that the certificate has passed the first part of the intermediate exam with a mark of not less than 60% and have appeared/appeared in the second part/final exam can also apply for the “Certificate of Hope“.
  • Verification of mark sheet/certificate: Candidates who have not issued duplicate/revised mark sheets/certificates or preparatory/intermediate/BA/BA certificates, or candidates who have not issued certificates, must obtain relevant board/secretary/principal examinations Proof of signature.
  • Candidates who apply for 60% of the 60A level in Pakistan do not need to apply for an equivalent certificate calculated by IBCC to obtain the qualification. However, all candidates who pass the required A’level and equivalent examinations from abroad must present an equivalent certificate issued by IBCC.

150 PMA Long course initial test Preparation

PMA long course initial test sample paper to ensure that you are properly prepared and perform well in the exam. Therefore, if your annual test score reaches at least 60%, then you are eligible to take the PMA long course. Download Pak Army Initial Test MCQS PDF Books from this page.

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