PMA Initial Test Preparation Books Pdf Free Download

PMA Initial Test Preparation Books Online PDF, ISSB Online Exam Preparation Guide Books available here. Preparing for the PMA Long Course initial test is crucial to increase your chances of qualifying for the next stages of the selection process. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the initial test.

PMA Initial Test Preparation

PMA Initial Test Preparation Books Pdf Free Download

The PMA Long Course initial test generally includes multiple-choice questions on various subjects, such as English, Mathematics, Physics, and General Knowledge. Get an idea of the test format and practice taking similar tests to become familiar with the types of questions asked.

PMA Long Course 151 Preparation Book PDF Download

Study the syllabus: Make sure you study the syllabus for each subject covered in the test. You can find the syllabus on the official website of the Pakistan Army or Pakistan Military Academy.

PMA Long Course current affairs: General Knowledge

Stay up-to-date with current affairs: General Knowledge is an essential component of the initial test. Therefore, stay up-to-date with current affairs by reading newspapers, watching the news, and staying informed about national and international events.

Remember that preparation is the key to success in any exam, and the more you prepare, the more confident you will be on the day of the test. Good luck!

PMA Initial Test Preparation PDF

PMA Initial Test MCQs

The Pakistan Army now proposes that candidates register for PMA Long Course 141 through online registration. Now, registration for PMA 141 long-term course has started. If you are willing to apply for PAK army as an appointed officer through PMA Long Course 141, please register.

How to Apply For PMA Initial Test?

Here are some of the recommended books for PMA Long Course preparation:

  1. The Official Guide to the PMA Long Course: This guidebook is published by the Pakistan Army and covers all the topics included in the initial test. It provides detailed explanations, practice questions, and sample papers to help candidates prepare for the test.
  2. Dogar Publishers’ PMA Long Course Initial Test Guide: This book includes sample papers and practice questions for each section of the test. It also includes tips and tricks for time management and improving performance.
  3. Caravan’s Comprehensive General Knowledge Book: This book covers a wide range of topics related to General Knowledge, including current affairs, history, politics, and geography.
  4. F.Sc. Part I and II Textbooks: The textbooks for F.Sc. Part I and II cover the subjects of Mathematics, Physics, and English in detail, which are important for the PMA Long Course initial test.
  5. English Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy: This book is a comprehensive guide to English grammar and is useful for improving the candidate’s English language skills.

Pak Army Initial Test MCQs PDF download

It is important to note that these books are recommendations and may not cover all the topics or questions asked in the PMA Long Course initial test. Therefore, candidates should also refer to the syllabus and previous years’ papers to get a better idea of the test’s format and content.

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