Different Types of forces Examples With Pictures

Force refers to the strength or energy that applied to an object to cause physical action or any type of movement. A force is a pull that results from an interaction of two or more objects. Force is external and occurs only when there is an interaction between two objects. Different Types of Forces discuss below. Different … Read more

How to Read and Use a Vernier Caliper Online Step by Step

An easy guide to how understand the Vernier caliper. A Vernier caliper gives measurements by centimeters (cm) and is accurate to 2 decimal points (E.g. 1.23 cm). The method for reading measurement explained in this post will be the same for Vernier calipers that output measurements in inches. How to Use a Vernier Caliper? It’s like a scale … Read more

What is the difference between the nuclear forces and electromagnetic force?

Electrostatic force Electrostatic force  that acts in the presence of charged particles. The force of electrostatic is wide distance force. Protons can interact with all protons in the nucleus by using electrostatic force. Electrostatic force is an insignificant force. Nuclear force The nuclear force that acts between the nucleons, and is independent from the charges. The nuclear force short … Read more

What is the Relation between G and g? In Physics

The main difference between g and G can seen in the fact that “g” refers to the acceleration of gravity, while  G represents the gravity constant. G’s value fluctuates depending on altitude, but it is the case that G stays constant. Gravitational acceleration is a vector quantity and gravitational constant is a number of scalars. Difference between … Read more

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