Different Types of forces Examples With Pictures

Force refers to the strength or energy that applied to an object to cause physical action or any type of movement. A force is a pull that results from an interaction of two or more objects. Force is external and occurs only when there is an interaction between two objects. Different Types of Forces discuss below.

Types of forces

Different Types of forces

These forces will examined in greater depth. For more information about each force mentioned below, keep scrolling down this page. To read more about a specific force, click its name in the list below.

These are two main Types of Forces which divided some little categories.

  1. Contact Force
  2. Non-Contact Force

Contact Force

Contact Force

Muscular Force

Any force applied through our muscles, such as legs or arms can described as muscular force. Muscular force can described as a form of contact force ( any force that acts in response to contact ) Example : If you are able to lift a brick off the ground, then your muscles are working to lift it therefore, muscular force generated by the arms.

Mechanical Force

Mechanical force described as an force that characterized by immediate interactions between two things that result in changes in the shape of the object.

Frictional Force

The friction Force the force that emitted by a surface when the object moves over it or attempts to cross it. There are two kinds of friction force: static and sliding. Although this isn’t always the scenario, the friction force often opposed to the movement that an item. For instance If a book slides across the desk’s surface and the desk then it exerts friction that is in opposition to the direction its movement.

Non-Contact Force

Non-Contact Force

Gravitational Force

The gravity force is the force by which the moon, the earth or another massively huge objects pull another object towards itself. According to definition, this is how much weight the item is. All objects on Earth experience the force of gravity which can directed “downward” towards the center of the earth. The gravity force on earth is equal to the mass of the object calculated by the equation.

Electrostatics Force

The electrostatic force are non contact forces that force or pull on objects, without touching them. Rubbing some materials together could cause something known as ‘charge that moved from one surface to another.

Magnetic Force

The magnetic force is result from the force electromagnetic among the fundamental four forces in nature. Itscaused by the movement of charges.

Applied Force

A force applied a force placed on an object either by an individual or an object. If someone is pushing the desk across the room, the desk is being pushed by an application force that acts on the object. The force that applied the force pushed on this desk through the individual.

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