Make Earth By Himself To Decrease The Bill

Pakistan is making progress day by day. There are several areas where we can see obvious improvements. Today, Pakistan is working very hard to solve the electricity problem. In order to improve, a new instrument installed to replace the old instrument. The new electricity meter is digital, and because of its security features, it can prevent electricity from being stolen. In addition to the benefits, people have also seen that the increase in prices after the installation of new meters puts people under pressure. Due to the rapid increase in electricity bills, it has become increasingly difficult to manage daily expenses to Make Earth By Himself.

We are writing this article to solve this problem. This can do by grounding the digital meter. You have to dig a deep hole to install the ground wire. We will show you how to make clay coils. You should have a copper wire without a cover. Take a plastic tube and wind the copper wire around the tube. Take another wire with a plastic cover and put it in the plastic tube.

Make Earth By Himself

So, now you have a wire in the pipe and a wire in the pipe. You may not know that units on the neutral line are also counted, resulting in a 20-25% increase in electricity bills. Take some coal and put it in the hole. Take salt and put it on the coal in the cave. Now fix the wire in the hole. There are four lights including the earth on the digital meter. If you successfully install the ground, the ground light will light up.

After completing the above steps, add some water to the pipeline because the coal is already there. Adding water will make the earth stronger. It is best to install soil on a wet surface because the grounding performance of wet areas is stronger than that of dry surfaces. Now to check the power of this earth, we must check it with a checker. Connect one wire to the phase and one wire to the ground. If the meter shows a reading of more than 200, it means your earth is very powerful.

You can also check the 100-watt bulb. If the light bulb is on, then you know how much electricity bills are going to cost. Turning on the light bulb means that our planet is now fully functioning and free. Now we will tell you how to connect this earth to your electricity meter. To reduce the bill, you need to connect this wire to the neutral point of the electric meter.

For safety, please use a tester to check the zero line of the meter.

After making sure that the wire not powered, connect the ground wire to the neutral wire. Tie up that area with tape. After completing this step, you have completed the work of setting the earth in the instrument.

You will see a reduction in monthly bills. You can check the speed of the meter before and after using the meter to install the earth. Please tell your friends and family about this process so they can take advantage of it.

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