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PM Youth Internship Program 2024 online Apply from this page. This article contains all details about Online Application 2024. You can apply online for jobs that have been posted previously. This program offers an internship opportunity for recent graduates from one of the Federal Regions. Depending on your experience and qualifications, choose the best national internship program career path. You can earn money from home or at work.

PM Youth Internship Program 2024 Online

The Federal Government plans to propose the PM Kamyab Jawan Internships program to at least 15,000 young, highly educated people starting in 2024. Apply online at Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken great steps to make Pakistan a modern country. He established the PM Internship Program 2024, which is open to graduates. We will look at opportunities in marketing, finance and food technology.

PM Internship Program 2024 PM Kamyab Jawan

You’ve found the right website to find out more about Prime Minister Kamyab Jawan PM Internship Program 2024. Let’s get started! Collaboration PM Internship Program and PepsiCo will offer many career opportunities. Prime Minister Imran Khan announced an internship program for students with a BA degree. This program is open to students with a bachelor’s degree (four years) and a master’s degree (16 years) from an approved college/university or institution in Pakistan. 

PM Internship Program 2024 Apply for Online Registration

His program requires that applicants have at least sixteen years of teaching and a qualification from either the Matric or FSc exams. Interns can be assigned for one year to federal divisions, ministries, provincial departments, banks, corporations, and other public and private institutions through the Prime Minister’s Youth Coordination Ministry. A stipend of Rs., 12 000 per month, has been paid to them. The PM Youth Internship Programmed is now available. 

PM Youth Internship Program

Prime Minister Youth Internship Program 2024 Apply Online

This is an excellent opportunity for students as Imran Khan, the PM of Pakistan, has announced his internship program. The program can be created to encourage young people to choose the career they desire. The National Internship Program NIP 2024 is a combination of both of these ideas. PM Youth Internship Program 2024 Apply online at

NIP.Gov.PK Online Apply 2024

Candidates who meet the above requirements and are interested in applying online are asked to visit program provides an annual stipend for graduates without jobs. It has the primary purpose of helping them. 30,000/-. Apply online at 2024. This page includes the application form, eligibility criteria, the deadline for submission, and the Pakistan internship program. Merit list of those listed here. online form

The Premier’s Youth Education Plan provides a platform for interns to work in federal divisions, ministries, provinces, banks, industries, corporations and other public and private institutions for a one-year period. You can receive a stipend of up to 10,000 rupees each month through the program. PM Youth Internship Application online at Prime Minister Internship Program Registration is available here. 

PM Youth Internship Program 2024

PM Youth Internships – Apply online at The PMIP application is also open. Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, has proclaimed the Salaried Practicum Package for Unemployed Graduates from Pakistan. Both parties are happy with the National Internship Program. Fresh graduates can receive financial aid through the Internship Program.

PM Internship Apply for Online Registration

Public organizations also get new ideas and the opportunity to enhance their skills in related fields. You need to be less than 25 years old to apply. PM consumes openings in finance, marketing, government administration, food technology, law, and business. PM Imran Khan. Job Openings Students who came to Pakistan as newcomers have been offered the opportunity to work under the Premier Minister Youth Training Program. More than 150000 youth are eligible for internships in a range of industries. Anybody less than 25 years old can apply. 

Eligibility Criteria

Based on the information available, the Pakistan Prime Minister’s Youth Internship program will start with PepsiCo. PM internship program’s purpose is to give jobs. A person who is applying for the internship will work on various assignments in the ministries/divisions/Autonomous Bodies/corporations of the Federal Government in Islamabad and other federal regions near their hometown. This program offers students a monthly salary of 30,000.

Kamyab Jawan Markaz

This amazing PM internship program will offer opportunities in finance, marketing, law, engineering, public management, food technology, business, and more. The Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination, in accordance with the Premier’s Youth Education Plan, is where interns can work for one year. They will be able to work in federal divisions, ministries, province departments, banks, corporations, and other institutions. 

Latest National Internship Program Jobs 2024 Pakistan

This article also contains the entry criteria, the deadline for submission and the list of meritorious candidates. We will announce the launch of the online application on this website as soon as possible. The internship program can design to give Pakistan’s students an edge in the workforce. It places students in specific positions in both the public and private sectors for a specified time. This internship program is designed to provide training opportunities for highly-educated youth in Pakistan by providing internships in both the public and private sectors.

NIP National Internship Program Govt Of Pakistan Jobs 2024

All necessary procedures to receive the stipend are complete. Your stipend will arrive in your account Monday. Anyone with a CNIC between 21 and 45 years old (for sole proprietors, sole owners, or other stakeholders) is eligible to apply. Students have good news as Imran Khan, Pakistan’s prime minister, has announced that a program will be available for interns.

PM Internship Program 2024

PM Youth Training Scheme Program applies online from this page. You have until May 9th to submit the required documents. Download the application form on this page for Internship Program. They are working but not educated in the country to help with career growth. Online registration is now possible for the Youth Internship. Youth interns have the opportunity to pursue a promising career in Pakistan. 

Latest National Internship Program Jobs 2024 Pakistan

Students studying marketing, engineering, business and law, as well as finance and law and administration of public money, will find this program a great opportunity. This program is the most effective in helping students get internships. This program is based upon internships in Federal ministries, provincial departments and banks, as well as other public and private institutions over the course of a year. They will award a grant of Rs. 10000.

Kamyab Jawan Program Online Registration


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