Top 10 Colleges in Pakistan 2024 for Intermediate

The Top 10 Colleges in Pakistan 2024 for Intermediate that offer the programs that eligible to become an eminent doctor. The private medical schools that are recognized by PMDC are listed and explained to help students who are not able to pass the examination and are looking for a suitable option among the private schools in Pakistan. All the Govt. institutions have restrictions on the admissions number and can offer admission to only a certain amount of applicants. There are a limited number of Govt. medical colleges.

Top 10 Colleges in Pakistan

This is the reason why private institutions are acknowledged by PMDC to offer increasing numbers of doctors to the population. These evaluated with respect to PMDC in its rankings list for different areas and specialties. Candidates interested in pursuing admission into MBBS and BDS programs checks these private medical colleges.

Pakistan Top Private Universities 2024

Top 10 Colleges in Pakistan

We have listed the names of all private medical schools in Pakistan that are associated in conjunction with PMC here. There are 16 Private Medical Colleges located in Lahore. In addition, there five best PMC in Lahore. These schools stand out from the all of the Private Medical Colleges based on several aspects. In 2018, and 2019, admissions were centralized across the nation for PMC.

  1. GC College University, Lahore
  2. Forman Christian College, Lahore
  3. Lahore College for Women University
  4. Kinnaird College
  5. Punjab Group of Colleges
  6. Aitchison College
  7. Queen Mary College, Lahore
  8. KIPS College
  9. OPF Boys College, Islamabad
  10. Army Public Schools & Colleges System (APSACS)

Students could select the PMC they prefer in accordance with their these two years Medical Colleges Merit were strong-minded by the students’ choices. Students picked the schools that they consider to be the top among the others according to their research as well as the results they offer. The college lists which are included in the list of ranking by PMDC are listed in our list of ranking and in the same order as PMDC’s list.

Top 10 Colleges In Pakistan For Fsc

PMDC fee structure provided on the official website. Here below, you will find the details of it.  Who were not able to get admission into government? Colleges are now seeking admission into private colleges. It is important to check out the top private medical schools list on this page prior to making an application for admission. MH Lahore is ranked 1st in the five top Private Medical Colleges in Lahore. It was established in. Lahore Medical College offers Dentistry, Medicine, as well as Allied Health Sciences.

Top Private Engineering Universities In Pakistan

CMG Lahore Medical College recognized by the PMC and it is associated in conjunction with CMH Lahore Medical College is permitted to accept 150 students every year. This is the most up-to-date information provided by the PMDC. This is an extremely useful list for students who interested in admission and looking for a private institution that guarantees quality education and is a ranked certification of the PMDC.

Top Universities In Pakistan

Since there are only a few seats available in medical colleges of the public sector Many applicants are unable to get admission to public medical colleges. Candidates must fill out an admission forms to be eligible for MBBS or BDS admission to private colleges. We have provided a list of private schools and their affiliation. Shalimar Medical & Dental College is the top Private Medical College in Lahore. Shalimar Medical & Dental College has admitted the first cohort of students in MBBS from 2009-10. SMDC has built a strong standing in a very short period of time.

Top Universities In Pakistan

At first SMDC was permitted to accept 100 MBBS students per year. However The number of seats was increased by 150 due to the facilities SMDC provide for a perfect education. SMDC is a constituent institution within the SIHS. SIHS has distinct Nursing as well as Allied Health Sciences colleges as well. SMDC is accredited by the Pakistan Medical Commission and is associated with the UOHS Lahore.

Top 10 Private Universities In Lahore

We will get back to you as quickly as we are able to. Lahore Medical & Dental is the first of its kind and is considered to be to be one among the Best Private Medical Colleges in Lahore. It was established in 1997, and is recognized by the Medical and Dental Council which is now the Pakistan Medical Commission. LMDC is associated with the UOH Lahore. LMDC is permitted to accept 150 MBBS students per year. RLMC was founded in 2010 and was recognized by the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council.

Top Private Colleges In Islamabad

The fee for the PMDC and the government of the PME has agreed that they will increase annually the fees of medical students. In accordance with an agreement, the fees for the year will rise from 800,000 to Rs. 800,000 up to Rs.950, 000 and each student must pay an amount of Rs. 50k as an admission fee, and the tax rate of 5 per cent on the amount. This was the general fee structure for private medical schools in Pakistan must go to the official website of the school.

Top Colleges In Pakistan For Fsc

Each student who has an Background in Pre-Medical aspires to become Doctor. However, for reasons, this goal is becoming increasingly difficult to realize. MDCAT has raised the bar to a point where it’s virtually impossible to be admitted at a public college. Private medical schools in Pakistan provide the highest quality of education. This is a list of students who will be able to fulfill their goal to become a doctor by doing MBBS at an accredited private medical school. For those who have successfully passed the MDCAT,

Best Top 10 Private Medical Colleges In Pakistan

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